I need a good recipe for gravy.

Jasons…Ahhhhh Bisto !!

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I know there are many gravy recipes online but I just make it easy. Use mushroom soup. Pour a can into the pot. Put in some chopped fresh mushrooms and add just a sip of milk to thin it. If I’m having chicken, I also add a couple bullion cubes or if pork, then a couple of pork cubes. I also like to chop some cooked chicken, turkey, beef or pork to the gravy. Easy and cheap. Don’t thin it out too much as your making gravy - not soup.

Just got my friend to check Jasons in TAIPEI 101 and they don’t have gravy anymore!!
Anyone know where to find in Taipei?

what kind of gravy?
to put on what?

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Ask Churchill’s in Carrefour tienmou store.

I really like this one. If you’re not vegetarian, you can use the fat and stuff from the roast/fry. It is quite labor-intensive, though. Use Marmite as the “yeast extract”, and be sure to use decent quality brandy/sherry/wine:


I’m not doing all that! I am looking for an instant one where I just add water lol, I find some online though!

Your one prob tastes better but I don’t even have an oven

What is “water lol”?

you don’t need an oven to make gravy.

Just take your drippings from any meat you fried, add a bit of milk or cream, reduce and voila. Gravy.



Water, lol.

Asked them last Christmas - no solution :neutral_face:

Especially great from a George Foreman grill.

Want to make gravy?

Get stocks of whatever flavor you desire, but beef stock is so hard to get in Taiwan for some reason.

Make roux. Roux is made by melting butter in a pan, then adding flour to the melted butter. Add stock or water + bullion. You now have gravy.


They have it now. It’s on their FB page

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Mmmm, good to know! Thanks.
Actually I think we were searching for instant brown mix, UK style like “Bisto”

I’m pretty sure that’s what the beef gravy is. I haven’t tried it yet though

I found chicken gravy online. Not sure about beef though. I don’t think I really cook enough beef that the drippings would be sufficient to make a gravy sauce from

I see. It’s a teenager sending text messages acronym. I looked it up.
I don’t understand why water is so hilarious, though.

Keep thinking about it, you’ll get there in the end!