Great Britons

Who’s your choice?

John Lennon, of course. :sunglasses:

Not bloody Cromwell anyway !!!

If they are all from Great Britain (nice oxymoron btw, just like the United Kingdom) are they not therefore all Great Britons? Hey, I’m a Great Briton too then! Where’s my picture?

As for small ‘g’ great… thinks…Darwin or Newton - can’t decide. I have soft spot for scientists you see (fnarr fnarr).

Who’s the dude with the top hat? He looks great anyway.

Elizabeth was great in Black Adder

IMHO Newton is not just the greatest Briton (barely beating Darwin), but one of THE greatest ever.

A while ago I read a book about the 100 most important persons in world’s history and the author put Newton at No. 1 (runner-ups Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha).
This guy must be a scientist himself, because ordinary people might not even know what Newton is about (other than the apple thing)

I vote for Newton too. Think of it this way–a thousand years from now, who will be remembered?

Specifically English history and literature (not to speak of twentieth-century pop culture) are unlikely to receive the emphasis then that they now enjoy. But if our descendents possess even the slightest bit of civilization, they will still study Newton.

And if we are especially fortunate, they will be studying his writings on physics, rather than alchemy or biblical apocalypticism!

Forget Queenie - what about the great man himself, Black Adder? He should be up there.
“Ooo Black Adder you twist and turn like a…twisty turny thing.”

And why didn’t Phillip Clive Roderick Tufnell make the list? Mike Gatting too?

Benny Hill

I voted for Shakespeare on the website. But Elizabeth is a close second. Then Newton. Darwin. Brunel.

Gosh, yes, she was!!!


I think you mean Miranda Richardson was great as Elizabeth in Black Adder.

Who included Diana in this list anyway? What did she do, other than jumping into the sack with a guy who might not even become Britain’s next King?

In 50 years people might faintly remember her as a person who made a certain haircut fashionable.

Alien said: “I think you [Hexuan] mean Miranda Richardson was great as Elizabeth in Black Adder.”

No. Hexuan is correct. Elizabeth was cloned specially for the show. Queenie just happened to bear a striking resemblance to the actress Miranda Richardson. That is why she is often erroneously credited with the role.

When the show was axed, Queenie was put in an iron mask and lives to this day in the Tower of London. Not a lot of people know that.

Now we know whose been feeding the birds.

So Diana won. Surprise surprise!
I think they should have stressed that the vote was for the ‘greatest’ not the ‘most likable’ Briton.

Shakespeare, then Newton.

Shakespeare’s command of the power of language was transcendental and never yet matched. Newton unlocked fundamental secrets of the physical universe with the power of his mind. Bryon should be on the list too about fourth or fifth.

No Briton since then has come close to matching their achievements. The steep decline in British culture since the end of the 18th century is a wonder. Now guys like Benny Hill or the ‘Black Adder’ are the high points. I think it’s because the colonies opened up and drained the best brain stock almost overnight.

I believe that both Shakespeare and Newton would have emigrated to America if its civilization had been established in their time, much as John Lennon did.

Just so the Brits don’t think I’m picking on them unfairly, I think America’s in cultural decline now and a modern-day Shakespeare or Newton would be living elsewhere by now if not in the near future.

Bryon or Brian (The Life of)? :slight_smile:

Shakes and Newt would have emigrated to the US if they could have? Maybe as tax exiles. I like the idea of speculating what famous people from history would have done if they could have.

Mozart would have moved to Seattle and formed a Grunge band if only he could have got hold of an electric guitar.

Guy Fawke