Great hotel at the mouth of Taroko Gorge

My wife’s friend found this place and we just loved it.

It’s smack dab at the mouth of the gorge, on the north side just over the big red bridge (hence the name, which is alternatively “Over the Red Bridge” or “Over the Rainbow”.) It’s beautifully situated, stylishly decorated in an eco-friendly way, and very romantic. A huge and rather interesting choice of Western or Chinese breakfast is included in the price.

The only disadvantage I could see was its proximity to the Su-Hua Highway, which makes for a lot of traffic noise in the daytime. (If you like sleeping in, I recommend earplugs). Beyond that, far as I’m concerned it’s the perfect non-backpacker, non-luxury hotel base for seeing the gorge or the gorgeous coastal scenery north of there.

Looks good, and about NT2000 midweek. Nice price.

Another treat in the gorge are these lovely individual all wood cabins up in Bulowan (the meadow area a few km into the park). The cabins have a wood porch for lounging and management keeps the noise down at night (no KTV, they encourage guests just to sit and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature - imagine that!). Little walking trail in the back where a troop of monkeys live. Place also has excellent aboriginal food. Even if you don’t stay it’s worth it to go here for meals as food is usually pretty bad in the gorge.

Friend of mine visited Taiwan last summer and
I originally had a traveling plan to go to Taroko Gorge last year.
But cancelled because of typhoon.
The muda hakaw utux was the place I made a reservation.

Nice posts Vay and Mucha Man.

I love Taroko and have always felt a bit limited with places to stay. The 5 star place (expensive for the likes of me but a nice treat) or the catholic hostel (less expensive but limited options for food or a comfortable /insect free nights sleep).

I’ll check out the log cabins and Vay’s hotel next time. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.


Well, the cabins aren’t cheap: NT4500 for two including breakfast on a weekend. And meals cost 400-600. But they are really large and filling and well-prepared.

There’s also the two hotels right before the park gate in Hsiulin 秀林. There are less than NT2000 for a night.

Well in that case I take my thanks back! :wink: