Great Names for Beers

I spend more time than I probably should surfing the web, and one of the topics I look at too much is that of beer.

I was looking at the site of a brewery in the UK (Wychwood) that I like very much and which has a number of interestingly-named brews. I noticed that they have one now named [color=red]The Dog’s Bollicks[/color].

Here below is the label for this ale:

And here is the site that rates [color=red]The Dog’s Bollicks[/color] and explains the name:

[quote]for those readers who are not acquainted with the subtleties of british slang, this name might seem like a strange title for a consumable, i mean, who wants some dogs bollocks in their mouth. however, let me explain. if something is said to be the dogs bollocks, it means it is top rate - the best. … ew/403047/[/quote]

For fun, I’m going to start posting labels of beers, which IMO, have interesting names. Anyone wanna join me? Sheepshagger?

I’ve always liked [color=brown]Dead Guy Ale[/color] too, from the Rogue Brewery in Oregon:

Also: Wanker Beer

And [color=red]Skull Splitter Ale[/color] from Scotland:

Honing in on the lucrative Irish stereotype market with this little guy (what’s the name for a Jewish leprechaun?)

I’ve had that. I’ve also had their [color=blue]Genesis Ale[/color]

I thought Quakers weren’t supposed to drink? Well, they’re supposed to be men of peace, too, but nobody would mistake Richard Nixon for one of those.

The End of the world

The Damned


All products of unibroue ( a Quebec based brewerie. If you are Quebec check them out.

How about this one, Tigerman: Westvletteren 12. I’ll be picking some up in Belgium in 3 weeks. :bouncy:

By the way, isn’t that Scooby Doo in the Dog’s Bollocks? I hope they had permission. :wink:

I don’t know if it still exists, but when I was in Calcutta in 1990, they had a beer called, and I am not making this up, “He-man 9000.”

Red dot syndrome, Hopper.

I’m not sure how great a name it is (although it sounds odd at first), but the taste is fantastic:

SLO Blue – San Luis Obispo brewery’s Blueberry ale.

No label image, sorry. Wonderful taste. Not available anywhere but #*$&ing SoCal as far as I’ve ever been able to find. :frowning:


The end of the world

The Damned

The terrible

All beers brewed by unibroue in Quebec. You’d not find a stronger beer anywhere. I miss trois pistoles (three pistols) beer. Yummy[/quote]

Unibroue is a fine brewery. However, the two strongest beers in the world are brewed in the USA.

Sam Adams Utopias MMII at 24% abv

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout at 23.04% abv

I found a bottle of Westvletteren 8 in NYC (only one… I drank it there because it was in the fridge already cold) at the Happy Deli.

But, if you can find any of the 12, we’ll be bouncing like your smiley!

Anything over 13% is not considered to be beer. Those would be malt liquor and not beer…

I thought beers that strong weren’t classified as beers but as malt liquors.

No, they are beers. Just as barley wines are beers. and stouts are beers. And porters are beers… etc…

ML are thus classified in the US for political reasons… Some big US beer makers want to restrict places where stronger brews can be sold in various states.

Look at this:

That’s what Anheuser-Busch (and others of its ilk) would like you to believe.

Again, see this:

Its an artificial classification, in a sense. In the US, some states require barley wines (strong beers) to be classified as “barley wine-style” beers.

The US is odd in this way.

Many US states restrict places where beer can be sold. To make it more difficult for some foreign beers, and more recently for many micro-brewed US beers, some of the older big brewers have lobbied for legislation that would classify anything above 6% abv as not a beer (Ohio… but this was recently repealed) so that beers with abv %ages higher than 6% could not be sold in places where bigbrew US beers are sold conveniently. In other states (Florida… also recently repealed) a big US brewer had lobbied to have a rule passed permitting beer to be sold only in standard US measurement bottles/containers. That effectively kept out many foreign beers sold in ml and cl measured bottles.

Malt liquors are just another style of beer.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

[color=brown]Blithering Idiot[/color]