Great Slate Article Bush Admin "Rape Rooms" Hypocrisy

This devastating article shows that the Bush Admin continued to claim that there were no rape and torture rooms in Iraq even while the US was operating them in the same place Hussein did…

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My house came with a rape room but we turned it into a nursery.

Shag carpet and lava lights? :laughing:

Why did you decide to grow plants indoors?

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Wait a minute. Before the media got a hold of this, the army and defense secretary were already dealing with it. Let’s wait and see how things pan out. There were a few perpetrators that have been identified so far. If it is a massive problem then we will have to look at it from a new angle. I do not see that this has been identified as the problem yet. Curious that the Red Cross is identifying systemic abuses under the US administration. Cannot remember seeing them condemn the Saddam regime so roundly. But again, we will take care of this in accordance with the law. I think that so many of these posters are so eager to jump on this to prove that we were wrong about invading Iraq but the truth is not one of the dire forecasts out of the many many many that were and have been made has come true except for not finding wmds. And who knows? What with the chemical bomb that was supposed to go off in Amman, where the materials came from “cough cough” Syria… we just may find out where these wmds went some day and then?

The statement was not only limited to the army and neither to the recent case about abuse, but then the army has made statements before that were not true (e.g. related to the Jessica Lynch rescue), hence I would be cautious about any statement they make as you never know how, shall we say, accurate and comprehensive (?) it is.

Is that a synonym for ‘covering up’ and finding a scapegoat? :wink:


I don’t think so and it is interesting because those who were accused of these crimes by the Army in January had time to contact various representatives and senators to appeal for assistance such as Senator Byrd of West Virginia a very prominent Democrat and critic of the war in Iraq. So why didn’t he raise this concern in Congress? Because the system was doing what it always does: working. For those that are so shrill about the Patriot Act and how it is destroying the rights of nonAmerican citizens, I would expect that many now would be silent given that it is precisely because the rights of the individuals charged was to be protected that the US Army did not go further.