Greatest Debut Single

Can you guess who it is?

It’s got to be a piss take.

You’re right this cant be serious.

It’s a great song by a great artist!

These top lists are always controversial

this is another top 100 debut singles list by Consequence of Sound

This is another list by NME

As a debut single, Baby One More Time was unbelievably successful. People who were able to understand a bit of English when that song was released still remember most of its lyrics today. I can’t remember the lyrics of most songs I hear on a daily basis today, even those that are played 24/7.
BOMT was really well done as a catchy pop song, and the fact that it was her debut is astonishing. It pretty much laid the groundwork for her long and successful career.

The problem is: does “greatest” mean “best song” ? Or “most successful” ? Or “song written using words that require a dictionary to be understood and that pretends to be deep but is just about a guy who wants to get laid” ? By some metrics, BOMT was arguably the greatest debut single ever.


We will never be that chair. Why even live?

Disclaimer: as far as pop music goes, I think Britney is one of the most talented singers/writers in the business. She had her lows (skinhead period, cough cough), but I consider her music to be far better than the trash that is pumped out on a daily basis today, and this comes from guy whose music collection consists 40% of metal, 40% of electronic/synthwave and 20% of classical music.


She came up in an Apple Music suggestion last weekend and I actually listened and came to the conclusion that she is vastly under-rated historically. I don’t think that I ever really listened to her and never bought an album but knew the words to basically every sone. She was hitting just as social media and the internet were becoming a thing and dominated for 3-4 years. If Instagram were a thing then, she probably would have broke that.

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