Green Taiwanese Car Driver

I keep noticing these days that local drivers turn off their headlights when in front of a red light. They are at least smart enough to keep the position lights on. I have to check if they actually turn off their engines as well, as some cars dim the headlights once the engine is turned off.

Is this a new fashion statement, or a sad attempt to save some energy? Maybe people turning off the headlights are a-bien, where others are pro-bien?

That’s because the word headlight rhymes with “coffin nail” so it’s unlucky to shine lights towards the colour red on a lunar Thursday unless your car has a little red bag of lucky ash from the temple, but only if the temple has an even number of stairs and the number 6 in the address when you read it backwards…

Actually that’s just a guess, so don’t quote me on that…

The real reason?..

…and I quote redwagon:


It’s very common in Japan where it’s considered a courtesy to the drivers on the other side. Hell, if courteous behavior is coming to Taiwan I’m all for it.

Its because they can’t find a jacket big enough to put backwards over the front of their car.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Its because they can’t find a jacket big enough to put backwards over the front of their car.[/quote]Tut tut tut. Got it all wrong again. :unamused:

It’s because cars don’t have a basket on the front you can fill with so much junk it covers the headlights. Don’t you guys know anything?

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A pathetic athemt to save energy.

I don’t work.

  1. the electrisety used to restart the engine has to be recharged to the battery putting extra lad on the engine.

  2. Reving the engine back up to idle from 0rpm in one second require more energy than keep it reving for several seconds.

unless they have to stand there for 5 minutes befour it turn green I think the savings is zero and a Taiwanese will jump the red light long befour it has gone 2 minutes.