[GreenCard] Marriage with green card in process

Can i add him in the GC process even after applying ?

I am in the middle of my Green Card process (by lottery), and i would like to marry my boyfriend in the 3 months, but in the paper i sent i mentioned that i am single, So, we were wondering if it is better for us to marry before I gets my green card or wait until after I receive my green card? how can i add him to my Green Card application in the next step of the process ?


My brother had the similar issue years ago ( not by the lottery though).
The legal counselor gave him 2 options:

  1. file the Form I-824 (read the instructions carefully)
    2) marry after the applicant receives the Green Card

    For a smoother process, the 2nd option would be the better choice.
    It was years ago though!