Groupon Restaurant Offers

Hurry…less than 9 hrs left: … _2100_9140

[quote=“PigBloodCake”]Hurry…less than 9 hrs left: … _2100_9140[/quote]

Ok, duh…now it’s 60 hours left as I’m typing this. Shouldn’t be doing the timing thing then (JMHO).

No wonder why the stock price is hanging around its all time low: … N;range=3m

I hear some vendors are very unhappy about this groupon thing. Any care to weigh in? How’s the program going for you?

I admit that I bought only once: Danshui’s Red Castle (淡水紅樓). The food was horrible (pre-made and reheat). I guess they pre-made specifically for Groupon purpose and that’s what’s horrible about it (they actually had a Groupon list of patrons who had bought their deal). They should have prepare the food after the patrons have ordered and not have them pre-made and fridge 'em.

Vendors aren’t happy cuz they were actually taking losses on Groupon deal hoping to have and retain new customers. Well, guess what? Those customers are mostly one-and-done after the Groupon deal.