Guantanamo Suicides

Why I’m cancelling my WSJ subscription… from this week’s Review and Outlook section.

Wow. Gitmo. That sure sounds tough and in-the-know. Let’s use the slang term for Guantamo. Sure, our audience is a bunch of banker pantywaists who don’t know their rifle from their gun, but let’s goose them with some military slang, so we can all pretend how tough we are. Gitmo! Giddyup go!

Let’s just start the spin right off the bat. The Bush regime is calling this a publicity stunt. Probably some of the most callous spin I’ve seen in my life. They know no shame. These people killed themselves. WTF kind of PR strategy is that, hey, let’s all kill ourselves, then we’ll win, what a great secret plan! Note the transparent attempt to try to frame the discussion in terms of, those darn activists.

Always nice to see people slander the dead who can’t defend themselves. Maybe the WSJ will follow up and send one of their reporters over to piss on their graves for good measure. Yes, guilty until proven innocent, that’s the American way. Note how they’re now just “dead men” not “people who committed suicide” because they were renditioned to “Gitmo” for torture. It would be fun to look up how the WSJ vilified the monks who self-immolated in protest of the Vietnam war.

Those troops sure are on the job God bless 'em. When they’re not busy stripping them naked, humliating them, waterboarding them, or torturing them with dogs, hoods, and electricity. Why do you hate freedom? Its too bad in their hauteur the couldn’t be bothered to tell one of the prisoners he was scheduled for release in a few days.

Here, they try to blame the victim, a classic tactic of the twisted lies of the right.

Here, they try to pervert the issue into putting the activists on trial.

What I like best about this article is it has no author. The people that wrote it, the people that published it, should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder they don’t have the balls to sign it.

I think it’s nice that the only deaths coming out of Gitmo are suicides and the only prisoners starving to death are the ones doing it to themselves.

I bet Muslims laugh at the US and call Americans a bunch of weaklings for not having enough manhood to run a “detention center” the tough-guy way they they would.

That’s funny actually since one of them was due to be released. So either he isn’t that bad afterall or the US knowingly sets such people free.
Not to mention the big question why none of the so-called jihadists, insurgents, terrorists … is actually charged with anything.

Nice round up Toe tag.

Sod the WSJ!


Yeah…kill the messenger!
Off with their heads!..oh how apropo… :smiling_imp: