Guess my gender

Alleycat is

  • Female
  • Male
  • Hermaphrodite

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Don’t look at my old posts before you do.

Can’t vote because there’s not enough options. you appear to fall into none of the above categories.

Shit Sandman, there’s never getting anything past you!

Is someone feeling insecure?


Quite the contrary.

It’s just that I have been mistaken for what I’m not, on three separate occasions.

I’m sorry for this self-indulgent poll, but I’m just curious as to how I come across.

Call it an experiment.

Shouldn’t alley cats be neutered?

I am beginning to believe in karma.

Hmm I choose male… When will you tell us as I don’t want to go back and look at all your posts…

I choose female. The alleycats around here are usually really loud and horny females.

I dunno… but anything related to cat, sounds female to me…

Thank you to those of you who took time to participate in the poll. For the record: I am a male.

See: … c&start=30

Well, at least horny seems to apply :wink:


I think it’s very feminine if it sounds like feline…
and for me alleycat is another synnoym to jailbait:)
If you want to sound more masculine, I suggest “Gato”
that’s spanish for cat.

If you stick to feminite, spanish “Perrita” ain’t bad:)
but “Puta” is too stong…


[quote=“Alleycat”]Thank you to those of you who took time to participate in the poll. For the record: I am a male.

See: … c&start=30[/quote]

We’re not convinced. And this hardly constitutes good evidence. We want online proof beyond an unreasonable doubt.

The gender court is now in session.

OK. If you ARE a bloke, say something funny. … t=tit+twat

Definitely a woman.


Gosh, the likeness is striking! :shock:

Is that cat for cathleen, catherine, or catastrophe:)


Alleycat, I know you’re a bloke, dude, guy, jiahuo.

The first time I heard someone called Alleycat was in front of my office about ten years ago. I was the director of a private school for adults in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of the thousands of students we had that year, the most, er, striking was a lead dancer at the Tropicana’s Follies Begere show, Lori. She was very bright, studying to take the LSAT. She was already a real estate magnate, because she carefully invested her dancing earnings in apartments and houses in the booming LV market. This amazing catch of a woman had a husband who was a long-haired photographer and all-around good looking dude. He drove up in an old Pontiac one day to pick her up. Just ran out to meet him, breathles, and planting a highly salacious kiss on him (I was getting into my car at the time, nearby), said:

“How ya doin’, alleycat?”

Never forgot that. She later divorced the alleycat. Hope Segue’s Alleycat avoids a similar fate. :slight_smile: