Gui Shan, Taoyuan County: What's the closest train station?

Gui Shan, Taoyuan County: What’s the closest train station?

Guishan is pretty spread out but for 80% of it should be Taoyuan.

Thanks, I’ll just take a taxi from the station then.

If you are from Taipei than you can take a cab directly from there, will be faster and easier. Otherwise you go to the train station in Taipei, than the train goes around the hill in the south and you take a cab back half way towards Taipei to reach the hill top.

Depending on the exact location, the easiest way to the top of the hill is to take the Chang Gung bus to the hospital at Linkou, then cab it to where you need to go from there.

here are some details directions Ratbrain did a while ago:

[quote=“ratbrain”]People who want to take the bus to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou (cost 35NT):

From Taipei Main Station, Go out MRT exit 1 and walk along Civic Boulvard and way at the end of the road on the left is the Taipei Intercity Bus Terminal. The chang gung bus is at terminal number 5 (it says Forumosa Freeway or something like that above the terminal). The bus runs every 20 to 15 min.

You could also walk through the Taipei City mall (starts near MRT exit 1) and exit from the mall at Number 4, which will bring you right in front of the bus terminal.

Zhongshan Junior Highschool MRT Station: There is a bus terminal in the middle of the street in front of the Giant Bicycle shop (I think this is Fuxing Rd). Chang gung bus likes to stop here too.

Once you get on the bus just stay on, the bus will make a few stops then get on the freeway, and then pass through the toll station. After the toll station the hospital is only 10 minutes away. The hospital is the terminal station.

Go to this website for more details on bus routes (Chinese only):

  1. Click on the big green bus icon
  2. In the new window that pops up, click on the first stuff that is a green font and written in Chinese
  3. In the new window that opens again, click on the second box with an arrow.
  4. the first link is from linkou chung gung --> Taipei chung gung (round trip, with a stop also near Zhongshan Junior Highschool MRT)
    Second link is linkou chung gung --> Taipei station (round trip, with stops 15 min from Yuanshan MRT station, Minquan MRT station, and Taipei Main Station)[/quote]

MJB is right that GueiShan Shiang is pretty spread out.

If you are going to Gueishan Town, that is in the area near Taoyuan train station.

The other option is Taoyuan Bus, which runs on Minchuan, Fuxing (down just past ChangChuan), and back up DunHua. It will go all the way through Gueishan Shiang (From Chang Gung Hospital, around some of the bases, near the Police Academy, and down into Gueishan Town). It is $40-$50. Not sure on the price because I have other options to my area (and it can get a little scary).

A cab from Taoyuan station to the Chang Gung / Hua Ya area will be pretty expensive. The (Gueishan) industrial park, though, is near Taoyuan Station.