Guitar builds started

So I am going to document this build. I don’t see a music forum so I’m going to try the open forum.

I pitched a deal to a friend, I would get 20,000NT up front, that money would be used to buy tools, supplies, wood, etc. to build a guitar. So far I have gotten enough wood to build probably 4 guitars.

This is the back and side set I’m starting with… for one of the builds at least. It started its life as a plank of purpleheart I found somewhere in Songshan District:


Then for the neck I’m laminating pieces of purpleheart and Sapele I got. All of these wood came from Taiwan (well I’m sure they came from another country but they were sold here).


Making rosettes…


Top arrived. This is the only wood I imported because I can’t find it here. But someone sells some Italian spruce top sets at 4000nt for 10 sets… no idea if they are any good.

Go bar fixture built

Neck blank laminated and cut out

Back joined. This back came from a luthier in Kaoshung… as apology for being all mean and stuff… It’s flamed mahogany.

Top and back joined and ready for sanding and braces. I will need to leave it somewhere very dry for a few days before I do that.

Another guitar back joined, mahogany back is receiving the back strip.


fascinating stuff - keep it coming. Love seeing craftsmanship like this.

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Should do YouTube videos. Maybe it’s something that can get you some notice in Taiwan. Let people see your work and craftsmanship. How the process work and this you select the materials.


How much you reckon one of these babies will go for?

And have you seen this movie?

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I’m terrible with videos. So I wouldn’t have a clue how to do videos where people would want to watch and subscribe.

You could build a guitar for someone and he makes a video(s) for you. A craftsmanship trade. Something like that.
Or pay a university student who will probably be cheaper than someone else.

Truss rod route done

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I have to find someone who’s willing to do that… and honestly unless he’s doing a VERY good video on an ongoing basis, or helps me with sales and promotion, making a guitar for him seems rather steep…

And by the way in case anyone doesn’t know, I am based in Xingjhuan right now…

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Made a router/circle jig for the dremel tool today. Circle attachment can be removed for inlay work… Routed and installed binding. I have to do most of the work at night because it’s unbearably hot during the day, and the AC isn’t strong enough during the day to keep the shop cool.


That spruce top looks flamey. Going to be very pretty with a finish on it.

Will you use purple heart for the fretboard?

I can but in this case I am using ebony…

Fact is people demand black fingerboards and as a result almost every other woods get disregarded…

That sounds like a good choice.
I read that purpleheart it will turn a muddy color if you don’t use a uv blocking finish.

I heard that too, but I think it will take a while, it’s a bigger problem if it’s outdoor.

Rosette done, side re-bent into OM Cutaway. May have to touch it up on the iron some more to get the cutaway to fit better…


Purpleheart side bent for a dreadnaught


Here are some more progress…

Just to let you know I’m located in Xingjhuan in case anyone wants work done on their instruments…



Some more pictures… Bracing the top and back, installed tail inlay (gets rid of that big ugly gap)

Carving braces

IMG_0968 IMG_0969 IMG_0970

More stuff done later in the day (I like to work at night to reduce air conditioning burdens and therefore save electricity.

Since I’m covered in ebony dust, now I look like a black guy…