Guitar repair thread

So here goes…

I started an event called “guitar repair discussion” and originally I wanted to use an online chat room, but I don’t know how many on this forum play guitars, and if everyone could show up at a set time, so I decided starting a thread is better.

So I am starting this thread to answer any questions from guitar players about how to maintain or do simple repair for their guitars, or where to buy various parts and accessories for their guitar. I will answer as quickly as I can, unless I have to do some research or I’m sleeping or something.

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By the way, if you want to ask questions via PM that is fine too… if you are asking questions you rather not have out in the open.

If anyone has any guitar related question, pickup choices, how to record, how to diagnose problems (like why won’t that buzz go away, why is that pot scratchy, why is there so much annoying hum, etc.) and how to care for guitars so you don’t end up with serious issues like your guitar neck feeling like a hacksaw blade because of frets sticking out. Feel free to ask.

I have a situation where my front pickups don’t register sound until I crank the volume pretty high. My guitars are being shipped right now so I figured I’d get them to an expert for some TLC when they arrive. Any recs for someone good in Tianmu?

I can help you but I’m not in tienmu, however I can go there to pick up your guitar if it’s convenient for you.

It could very well be dirty or scratchy pot. Does it make scratching noise when you turn the volume knob?

Sometimes it could be a bad connection, either bad solder or even loose jack spring.

I’ll ask again in another month when my guitars arrive.

Let me know them… I guess you’re having it shipped by sea or having a friend bring it as luggage