Gun politics in America with regards to Hollywood

‘Why was I handed a hot gun?’. But Alec. You are such an expert on firearms when it comes to trying to restrict the rights of others, why didn’t you check the state of the firearm when you were handed it?

If some of these Hollywood types took an NRA course on gun handling, they might know the steps to take.

You touch a gun —you check what is in it.

Trump hating Democrats should never be allowed to handle firearms. They are way too emotional, too incompetent, too gullible and easily misled.

"I Wonder How it Must Feel to Wrongfully Kill Someone Alec Baldwins 2017 Tweet Attacking a police officer

20 years in the slammer for Baldwin. Stick him in the wing with a majority of Red Hat MAGA’s. Cinematographer Lives Matter.


Well, now he knows.

As for movie props, why use a real gun when there are realistic looking airsoft guns available?

Hollywood’s obsession of gangsters and drugs is exactly why gun violence and drug abuse are so rampant in America.


Low budget. Blanks have a flash and it’s incredibly expensive to make realistic western guns to model.

There’s a German word for this post, dog.

Hollywood? Wow. Cutting edge. Care to be more specific?

There were complaints of trying to do this movie on the cheap. While Baidwin was proclaiming his solidarity with IATSE, six union members walked off the set after weeks of complaining about shoddy conditions, including safety, which was one of the major issues in the IATSE negotiations.
It is beyond idiocy to look at this and say the answer is"Murika Needz Moar Gunz." What, Halyna Hutchins could have fired back if she had been armed? “All it takes to stop a bad actor with a gun is a good cinematographer with a gun.”
The answer with this killing is that there needs to be more regulation, not less. And more respect and better pay and conditions for good union workers.


So, what they have already doesn’t work, so more is your answer?

America needs more education about guns, less pidgeonholing based on ideologies and what is protected as a constitutional right.

Poor union conditions in Hollywood? Shame on such champagne liberals for not walking what they are talking.


Alec is going to trial for man’s laughter.

if public schools are going to teach about the 50 million types of gender in health class, they can also spend 5-10 minutes on how to safely handle any gun


Kids should be taught campfire safety too. And running with scissors safety. And don’t stick your finger I. A wall socket safety.

Member when parents did this shit?


Funkdoobiest. Hope they send the motherfucker to San Quentin.


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I didn’t read much of it, because its premise is obvious


If someone needs to go to prison, shouldn’t it be the person responsible for managing the firearms? Unless they can prove AB switched out the bullets for live rounds, of course

I shouldn’t begin to pretend to understand US gun laws. However, he was a producer on set and he aimed a weapon at someone. There’s some possible liability there.

Fair enough, I don’t understand why they use real guns anyways. Whatever he gets, the person responsible for the guns should get much more, I think