Gun shops

Where can I find an armory? I mean a proper guns shop.


You wont, as there isn’t enough (legal) business for even one.

This is Taiwan, not the USA.


Are you sure there’s no armory anywhere?


Just visit your nearest Plaza de Armas. :sunglasses:


Those are brazos, dude.

Your stupid answers only make me want even more to find a freaking guns shop.

How about a knives shop? We have a great one in Xindian, they even have katanas.

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Dude. This is how Taiwan’s mafia gets their guns.



What do you want to do when you find one? :thinking:

I want to buy something that is usually sold in guns shops. Your Watson within can figure it out looking at my posts history :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude wants to buy a gun. Who doesn’t.

There is a list of places here somewhere from the time I wanted a rifle for my Supernatural cosplay. A plastic cosplay one, of course.

They sell DVDs in gun shops?

Nah… plastic feels cheap.

Just head on over to any hardware store or most department store and you can find all sorts of guns: glue guns, water guns… you name it.

I may have a lead


Anybody who asks where “an armory” is probably should be the last person to be allowed to buy a gun.