Guys - how much do you pay for when living with someone?

Guys: how much do you pay for when living with a partner

  • Everything - rent, utilities, car, food…
  • Rent, utilities, car etc. but we always go Dutch eating out
  • I pay some things, she pays others but I work out paying a little more
  • We sit down with a calculator and split everything evenly
  • She pays for more than me

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This is a question for the guys or possibly girls with moustaches who are currently living with their partner.

I’m curious about how many of your combined day-to-day expenses are covered by you and how many Forumosans insist on splitting everything down the middle or even have everything paid for by their SO.

If the former or the latter, do you think that’s fair, and if so, why?

I’m a girl and I voted. Half and half.

I’m going to have to see that moustache for the vote to be valid. :snooty:

I earn more than the wife so I pay more. Actually, we just combine our money and pay that way – you know, what’s her’s is her’s, what’s mine is her’s. That kind of thing. Long’s I’ve got money for booze and toys I’m quite happy with that.

My last gf earned more than I did, so she paid the rent and utilities.

If I’m dating a student, I’ll pay for everything…otherwise its generally half-half.

I pay for almost everything.

It used to be that I’d pay for the big ticket items, and she the smaller things. But then, clever girl, she hit on the idea of paying for EVERYTHING by credit card and handing me the bill at the end of each month.

Not really. She chips in a significant amount considering what she makes, and wouldn’t spend more than a fraction of what I do in pursuit of creature comforts.

I guess that’s fair, but don’t really worry about it. It’s just not a high priority.

I don’t pay for annything.

I live for free in her apartment, but she know the pin code to my atm card.
I wonder what she did to me to get that information out.

I’m going to have to see that moustache for the vote to be valid. :snooty:[/quote]

Sadly, I have one.

We split the rent evenly, she pays for groceries, I pay utilities. Works out pretty evenly.

I pay for everything, because I’m the one with the money. My gross income is four times hers – my income after debt payments is twenty times hers.

But I don’t cook, clean, or grocery shop, so I see it as equitable.

When our finances change, the split probably will too.

I’m wishing mine didn’t have issues with the woman paying for things. I want to pay the bills so he can go to grad school but he is refusing to let me pay for him.

We just combine all our money together and don’t sweat the details, but seeing as my wife makes about 3 times as much money as me, I guess she ends up paying for most stuff.

With my ex, I was a student with a crappy student job and no credit card, my ex had a real job and a credit card. She ended up paying for more stuff than me, but never let me hear the end of it. With my current GF she is a student with a crappy student job and I am at a decent full time job, so now I am the one paying for more. I find that when you pay more you are allowed to get away with more things, haha!