Gym-good/too good to be true deal?

I’m new in Taipei and have been shopping around for a gym membership. Alexander is offering 60,000yuan for 5 years + 10,000yuan worth of spa treatments + other deal sweeteners. It sounds pretty good though in view of what’s happened to Youth Camp, am nervous about parting with so much up front. They also said their membership was transferable for a fee. How stable is Alexander, can the mgmt be trusted? Is there a market for 2nd hand memberships (in case I have to leave Taiwan earlier than expected)?

Would be glad of advice or opinions from those of you out there who are 'Taipei Tong’s.


Alexander is OK, but I switched from them to the Taipei Gym, which has gyms in Hsimending, Songshan Station and next to Taiwan University, got a deal NT$10,000 for two years, the gym equipment is extensive enough, and there are clean showers, a sauna and steamroom, good price, nice gym…

If you’ll definitely be here for a few years, will live near an Alexander during that time, and will have the time and motivation to continue working out, then that’s a good deal.

A couple of years ago I paid NT$2,000 per month, and they refused to bargain at all, but your deal is 50% off: 60 months for the price of 30 (plus the spa stuff). I’d be amazed if they went broke; they seem to be doing very well. I liked Alexander and wish I could still go there (but the birth of my child meant the end of free time).

Incidentally, it’s NT$, not yuan.

Decided to go with Alexander & enjoying it so far. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.