Gym near Guting, Heping East Road (Shi Da University area)

Anyone know of a gym in the Shi Da area (Heping East Road/FuXing South Road) and approximate cost? I’m interesting in treadmills and weight machines. A couple of MRT stations near me are GuTing (Danshui Line) and Technology Building (Taipei Zoo line).


1st floor, 163-1 Shi-Da road,
Tel: 2363-9178
cell: 0920463567

Across from the Tai Power MRT station.

3 months 4000…after 3month the price drops 500 dollars 3500 and after 3000 for 3 months. Mostly free weights but the owner will make you work hard. MORE INTENSITY!!! (He used to be MR. Taiwan) You can see the MUSCLE sign from the corner of Roosevelt and Shida road.

I’m looking for weight machines – I’m a lady who likes to work by myself. I’m not a serious weight lifter by any stretch, but like building muscle mass in order to eat more.

It’s worth a look. I appreciate your info! Very helpful.

There’s a workout place which is more your style on Roosevelt road between Guting MRT and Taipower. Much closer to the Guting so it is easier. I think if you walk out on the starbucks side and head towards Taipower on Roosevelt it is beside a bank and a confectionary store in a big nice building with a good sidewalk that won’t get rained on. I don’t know the name but it is downstairs if I remember correctly. There should be stairs heading down near the front entrance. If youare walking along roosevelt and you hit a Niko mart the convenience store right beside an alley then you went too far.

Thanks! These directions are great. I know the area you’re describing.

There is also a workout place near the GongGuan MRT station…Tai Da university. It is on the 3rd or 4th floor above the ESLITE bookstore. I think it is called Alexandria’s or something like that. You can see the treadmills if you are across the street… It is near the intersection of Roosevelt and I think ShinHai road but it is definitely across from Tai DA University.

Being Gym it’s called I think. Big gray building.

The address:
B1, #91 Roosevelt Road Section 2
Next to the Guting MRT Station.