Gym options for a month

Living near the songshan district, but are there any gyms near here that do a monthly gym membership for foreigners? Last time I only found gold gyms and they only do annual memberships but I would like to continue working out for the month I’ll be staying in Taipei

Go on Shoppee and buy a 1 month voucher for World Gym. You can only register one per person tho so you can’t keep doing that


I might be able to help you get a 2 week trial at world gym…

Or just walk into a World Gym, tell them what you need, I’m sure they will try to hook you up.

Thanks! Do you have a link? I can’t read Chinese well

That would be awesome, I might ask for help if I cannot buy the one month option! Seeing your username, are you a luthier?!

Yes, I make guitars, but I just lost the shop. Can’t survive on a few customers a year.

So sorry to hear! Always sad seeing the decline in the arts/music.

Have never bought this but looks okay

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LMI is shutting down (they are a huge luthier supplier in the US), says owner is retiring, but maybe it’s because the whole craft is dying. Lots of very old baby boomers who have been in the trade for over 50 years, and they get all the work. Almost no room for non boomers.

I think I’d have better option in the US, though last time I tried I wasn’t successful mostly because I got no idea where/with whom to apply with. Tried putting in an application at various guitar companies, Guitar center (as a tech) and all that and got zero replies. Was in Austin and tried putting in an application at Collings, and they ignored me as well.

But back on topic, I’ve never really tried to use those 1 month passes, and I only heard you get 2 week trials if a member referred you, but every now and then they give out 2 week trials to new members.

Honestly I hate paying the membership dues (it’s a little high), but my blood work says it’s worth the cost.

I use the gym at a university near my home (not in Taipei), and they have pay per visit options. You could look into that, if there is a university near you.


I’ve heard of pay per visit gyms. They get very expensive if you are going regularly, because the pay visit cost can be upwards of 100nt (it varies, some are 50 per hour, some are 100, it’s all over the place). Plus they’re poorly equipped. At least World Gym is well equipped.

This article may be helpful, about sports centres scattered across Taipei:



Yea it’s becoming hard to find a good luthier even here in the US unless you make a trip to nyc. Average age of luthiers is old, most retired recently especially when covid happened.

I did the world gym two week trial last year so I was looking for alternatives because I would rather pay since I felt guilty taking a two week trial.

I also tried the community centers, around 100NTD per hour but their dumbbells and equipment don’t go high enough.

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At Songshan you can try selfroom, it’s a pay per visit gym by Louisa. I go there sometimes.

Austin has a bunch, Guitar Resurrections, Strait Music, and one of Dan Erlewine’s son or relative or whatever?

But I tried “private practice” in the US and apart from doing a setup on a church musician’s Tele for 50 bucks, I got no further work. I had more work using a K40 laser to print up vinyl masks so people could etch their 80% AR lowers with their custom text… I wish I could be a gunsmith in the states but that’s literally impossible for me to do even if I could somehow go back to the states. The skill required between the two is fairly similar.

Yea, I agree, pay per visit gyms are a bad deal unless you go rarely, on top of the fact that their facility is often crap. World Gym has good equipment. If you spent 100 per visit on those gyms, and you go 3 times a week, you would have spent over 1000 per month.

Also look for pay-as-you-go pay each time you visit.

There are two or three around Songshan station

Thanks, I’ll check them out!

Obviously if you go regularly then you should just sign an annual contract. OP is only looking to go for a month.

This one is pay per visit:

And you can go to a community center for 50/time.