Gyms/Dragonboat in Taoyuan

Hey there folks,

So I will be moving to the Longtan region of Taoyuan in about a month or so and was hoping to get some fitness related information from anyone who has lived in the region.

I am a very active person, I have been a competitive powerlifter and dragonboat paddler over the past two years and was wondering if anyone is aware of the following:

  1. Powerlifting friendly gyms (Ie. Something a little more serious that won’t frown upon chalk use, heavy weight training, etc) or something a little Crossfit-esque?
  2. Gyms that have owners who are able to converse in English? (I’m always a little weary signing contracts and would like to discuss the above with a gym owner my questions/concerns)
  3. Dragonboat teams training out of the general region that are comprised/cater to foreigners

Looking forward to hearing some good news.