Gyms in and around Tainan Science Park

I know there are a lot of Gyms in Downtown Tainan, and I have also read about the one in Xinhua (that’s run by a foreigner), but they are all a bit far for me, as I live and work in the NanKe area. I am already aware of “Wellness Center STSP” on Nanke 7th Road. & They advertise a Gym on their website (link below), after visiting them I found out that the gym had been closed several years ago. … nuID_1=117

I have even asked my local colleagues, but none know of any Gyms in this area that might have weights / weight-lifting equipment. I have no choice but to consider getting a membership at a Gym downtown, which would take me at least 30 to 40 minutes, in each direction.

Does anyone know of any Gyms in Nanke, or even Shanhua/Xinshi area that offer weight-lifting ?

Thanks in Advance