H1N1 B type flu

So there is mass hysteria at my school because 11 out of 19 kids in one class got this dreaded B type flu. Any of that going on in your schools?


But not in the kindergarten. I called my daughter’s teacher to tell her that she won’t be attending school, and the teacher got all panicky and asked me to go see the doc immediately, coz ‘a lot’ of children have been sick in the elementary school. Exactly how many? I’ll ask in the morrow.

One kid came to my class on Friday afternoon…(we didnt know he didnt go to Elementary school) Today he got into the bus and my boss asked him why he was wearing a mask. He said he had influenza B, so she asked him to go home. His father called very angry about this…the kid didn’t go to Elementary school today, but wanted to come to our English class. His mom and dad is flipping out now.

people are wierd.

My son had it a few weeks ago. He was the only one in his class to get it.
He is now fine.

I had a bad fever on Sunday. Have been to the doctor twice…but nothing has changed…guess i need to go for that horrendous stick up the nose test tonight. Nooooooooooooooooo mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!