Ha ha I have no power - electricity cut (Update: Power is now restored)

I would turn off the breaker labelled 75a on the left first, followed by the the 75a on the right, then everything else in no particular order.

To get everything back on, start with the 75a on the left with the thick cables, then 75a on the right, then, one by one everything else in no particular order


Tried your steps but nothing has come back on. I’ll go back down and switch the first floor 75a back to off position in case it causes problems for the workers if they’re expecting it to be off. Thanks anyway!

Try turning off all the the breakers in your apartment first, then turn off the 75a breakers above the meter.

Then turn the 75a breakers back on, followed by the biggest breaker in your apartment, then everything else. If that doesn’t work, you’re shit out of luck

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Power is on. Going downstairs to see if we can find out what happened and ask however is responsible to not switch it off again.

Final (hopefully!) update: two people doing work on the floor below apologised and said the workers are accustomed to switching off all power when they leave a job at the end of the day, and they didn’t know we were connected to them. The people there now showed us the breakers which are also hidden inside the ceiling on that floor, and when I asked about the breaker on the ground floor they said there is no breaker down there for these two floors. Apparently the “people in charge of these two floors” had asked for the work to be done. It’s funny, because when we first signed the papers we did it in unused office space several blocks away and the landlady said the apartment wasn’t actually owned by her, but rather she was acting as a kind of manager for the real owners, who also owned the office space.

Thanks to everyone who gave advice during our mini adventure!

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That’s funny. I had the exact same happen when they were renovating the floor below me. Had to keep screaming at them at 5 pm when they turned it off every day. The first time it happened I broke into the apartment to turn it on.


For that little escapade, you shall be punished by being untemped.

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