Ha ha I have no power - electricity cut (Update: Power is now restored)

I walked up to my sixth floor apartment and got in only to find the electricity is not working.

Contacted the landlord and he said try the boxes and if not call the electricity company tomorrow.

So I went down to the ground floor and saw that all the electric boxes were switched on except one. I tried that and no difference. I looked for the one in the apartment and found one inside the roof above the ceiling tiles. But it’s all switched to on.

I remember when we signed the initial contract two years ago that the original landlady, the landlord’s sister, said that our water is connected to the fifth floor, so we pay a flat rate of $550 per month. Looking at the pipes and cables, it seems they run together down to the fifth floor. I may be wrong, but it may be due to the fifth floor having had builders in to do renovations for the last few days. So we’ll try them in the morning first.

Oh well, at least we have running water, although it’s very low pressure due to the electric pump not running.

At least we haven’t been forced from our home by floods or at gunpoint.


Was this wise?

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Yeah, I’ve no idea what that is connected to. I noticed that the ampage? on the switch says 70, not 30 like the others. I did flinch and have a moment of regret when the light flickered, but it may have just been the motion sensor lamp inside the front door.

The thing is that that box itself was so rusted and crumbling that when I finally got it open, it fell off in my hands.

I’m starting to understand why your electricity is out!


Blown out fuse?


In that switch? I didn’t even think about that. It’s been so long since I’ve had to replace one that I’d forgotten that switching back on may not be enough. I’ll go and have another look. Thanks!

Call 1911 to report an outage. It is 24 hours a day.


Really? I might try that then. Thanks!

I still worry about the landlord suggesting we call the electricity company. I wonder if his sister didn’t tell him we are illegally hooked up to the fifth floor (is that possible?) and it would get him into a mess and we’d also have no power still but have to move out.

That you’re illegally hooked up, or that she didn’t tell him? Anyway, yes.


I’m guessing this is one of those rooftop apartment?

So likely the landlord owns some floor in the building then extended a wire up to the rooftop.

How are you charged for electricity? Do you get a bill or does the landlord tell you how much you pay?

I wonder if that is the case because perhaps we can’t be legally connected. I also wonder why he is saying contact them if that is the case. Either it’s all legal or he doesn’t know.

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Oh I got cut off a couple of months ago. Did you forget to pay the bill like me?


I am sure we were told the water is hooked up though the floor below, which is why we pay a flat rate. The electricity we have meters and pay the landlord $5 per kw (?) used.

Never seen an electricity bill in almost 2 years

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Then yours was illegally hooked up to some other property that the landlord controls.

Ask the landlord which property that is and if perhaps a breaker tripped.

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So you think we shouldn’t call 1911, because they will discover the potentially illegal set up and not only not help us, but prevent us from ever fixing it and continuing to live here?

no there’s no need to call 1911 because you are sharing with the 5th floor, so they will just tell you there is power going there.

Ask your landlord to open up the 5th floor and reset the breaker or whatever.

Okay, thanks, but then it seems either he doesn’t know about the arrangement or something funny is going on, because he suggested we call the electricity company tomorrow. I guess a trip to the floor below tomorrow when the workers arrive will clarify things more safely.

Find the main ‘breaker’ in your apartment and flick everything to off. Then, turn on the biggest/scariest looking breaker to ‘on’, followed by every other switch one at a time


In the future avoid renting places with this kind of arrangement. You are paying well above market rate for electricity because Taipower charges more for higher consumption. Plus you have issues like this where people just bounce you around, nobody claiming responsibility as to who caused the power outage.

Also no way the landlord doesn’t know about the arrangement when he is charging you 5nt per kwh.

Also check your breaker. If any of the switch handle is loose or looks like it’s halfway between on and off, then it tripped. To reset it, flick it to off, then back on.


The top two pictures are the first floor, with one switch set to off. The third picture is hidden in my roof and everything is switched on. The breaker on the first floor looks like it isn’t connected to anything anyway, because there is no meter below it? Although there are pipes of wires leading everywhere. Also I don’t know the significance of the switch that is off saying 75A instead of 30A?