Coronavirus - Taiwan Developments Feb-Mar 2022

So my company has decided to do PCR testing for all the employees of four branches. Why? Because why not right?
Anyway good news is they are using fancy saliva PCR machine which have like complicated instructions which i am sure most will mess up but atleast can give the result within 3 minutes so yay to that. No more putting stuff in my nose.


Is that in Taiwan? If yes: wow!

What does “fancy saliva PCR machine” mean? I don’t think it’s possible to perform PCR in 3 minutes?

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I would love to know what this is too. Is it branded “Theranos”?


I hope now, time has been long enough to prove that, by and large, Omicron isn’t worth the fuss and that lockdowns and heightened restrictions just don’t work.

Mystery solved! Turns out I just hadn’t paid the last bill (don’t remember receiving one!) so they cut me off lol. :man_facepalming:


At least that didn’t mess with my precious banh mi excursion!


If you have fancy saliva you can use it?

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Oops i wrote wrong. I mean the process is done in 3 minutes , the result might take an hour to show up but its a self kit and can be done by oneself so no need to go to any hospital.

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guess KO is saying cost of covid zero is too high, it won’t last?
oh really? you mean putting people in 14-day quarantine, and forcing businesses to close is bad for the economy?


Trip was delayed.


Following on from the discussion a day or two ago, this appears to suggest that a doctor in Pingtung tested positive, 135 of her patients were sent into quarantine at their own expense (minus a daily government subsidy of NT$1500), and the clinic is voluntarily paying NT$2 million to cover the rest?


I made a separate thread for this topic


Well it’s absolutely ridiculous what Taiwan is doing here. I hope people go to court and claim compensation for the quarantine prison.

Plus I hope people take note and rebel against the CDC tracing as long as Taiwan is not covering all costs. Even Hong is paying for the hospital prison.

I have searched for but could not find a single country worldwide where you have to pay for isolating yourself without being responsible (meaning they find out you actively tried to infect yourself).

My opinion of Taiwan is taking a dip every day this farce continues…

This is different from Quarantine requirements on arrivals, but also there most countries offer way better conditions. Only a few like Australia or Canada were worse.
E.g. in my current main residence country, Cyprus, they out people in 5 star hotels only facing the pool and then had animation for the people every day that you could take part in from the balcony. Oh yeah food was chosable from menu including alcohol and costs fixed at around 70-100 euros per room (single/double room) including food and alcohol… This only applied to arrivals without their own residence… And heck no neighbours went crazy if someone arriving quarantined. They usually were very supportive,

Taiwan and China put on a huge facade of overstating fear and danger and now cannot admit to new realities out of fear of losing their face. However the more they continue this way the harder they will fall. People here will silently rebel and it will cost a lot.

It’s crazy so far no one has taken this pay yourself for them throwing you in prison to court. I sure would jump up an down in my room all day, make noise like crazy and refuse to pay a cent…
It won’t take long for people to “accidentally” set their room on fire or flood it.

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I think I’ll be using this meme a lot over the next few weeks.



If it really is voluntarily, that’s a good doctor. :+1:

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It does seem in this case like the doctor/clinic actually chose to cover it, rather than letting the patients themselves be extorted? Whether they were encouraged to do so or it’s just generosity or turning bad PR into good PR, who knows.


It’s not good PR at all. I somehow wonder if politicians are involved/in bed with those covid insurances that pay out money if you get infected.

Wha due date do these insurances have? That could be a major sloth of corruption going on there.
Usually insurces and banks are hand in hand. So maybe this whe farce is forced by a we cannot fail out banking system because if we admit real cobid numbers we have to bail out banks for offering stupid insurances.

It’s quite easy anyhow. If there will be no outbreak similar to other countries, they are lying. If there will be huge numbers that whole thing right now wasn’t worse it. Taiwan is right now in a lose/lose position.

For the clinic, and relatively. It’s better PR to cover the bill when all your patients get locked up than it is for all your patients to get locked up and have to pay for it themselves.

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Ugh. Obviously the people affected shouldn’t have to pay anything for this.

A few tweets from today’s press conference about quarantine costs, but they don’t seem directly about the Pingdong situation; I’ll just copy in the relevant posts from a longer thread. “Cover the cost” is reassuring (but it shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place); ditto “goal is ppl will not have to pay anything”; but “contribute to the cost” leaves more wriggle room than I’d like to see.

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