Coronavirus - Taiwan Developments Feb-Mar 2022

「這縣市」連假首日湧12萬遊客 知名景點全塞爆!

We might really have s problem up North when these crowds of winter birds come back from the LNY break.

120 thousand visitors converging on a handful of attractions… I’d call that problematic in the middle of a pandemic.

Comments on the news piece do not support the “freedom to party” kind of behavior of these crowds.

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The Philippines is forcibly vaccinating people, excluding the unvaccinated from virtually everything, including supermarkets, and is excluding unvaccinated travellers. The country is not exactly renowned for being logical.


Indeed, I do not agree with forced vaccinations or even vaccination passports to be honest. But they are opening borders to vaccinated travelers because they know it is unrealistic to stay closed forever.

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Ten dollars gets you twenty that those comments are written by total hypocrites who go to crowded CNY banquets or temple visits, but then get online to lecture others.


looks like a hostage video. I think he needs a break, guys been working too hard. I’d just say fuck it and walk off.

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This is problem I have in deciding when I can return? When or :-1:, my feelings are if Taiwan doesn’t engage open border shall be 2 years of yes or no!


It’s not problematic. It no longer matters. We need to live our lives.

Says the guy with a 12.30 train to KHH. :sunglasses:

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It all sounds good but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with foreign workers being locked up or heavily restricted for the greater good of those who want to enjoy freedom themselves.


Because they view the foreigners as ‘plague rats’ but the millions of locals converging for CNY is A OK
Edit: they is factory owners and government.


I dunno folks. Look how happy “they” are with this guy. (Hint: they are not.)



These guys must know the deal by now as so many dummies have been fined already. Unless this guy is rich enough that 300k means nothing


Who’s ‘they’?

Quarantine jumpers

The quarantine jumpers view foreigners as plague rats?

What do I care what they think?

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You’re conflating two posts to two different people. The first was referring to the Taiwanese factory owners locking up the foreign workers in dorms and it gets a wink from the mol meanwhile CNY goes on and there is bound to be spread. Implies that foreigners are the super spreaders

The second was a reply to Guy that said that I have no idea why dummies would think they can jump quarantine unless they had a lot of $ and didn’t care about the fine


In replied to your post about plague rats. I didnt conflate anything.

On mobile i didn’t see the quote. Thought you were referring to the last post.

You can see the icon of your name on the top right corner. A direct reply to a preceding post would not have that icon. Clicking on it brings you to the reference.

I’ve used it before but didn’t today. Apologies where due

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No worries.

Anyways, what do you mean by they?