Hair products for dreadlocks?

A salon or person who is knowledgable about dreads?! Preferably in Taipei, but anywhere if not. I need a good wax to keep the frizz down and residue free soap or shampoo. Any help would be nice. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

have you thought about ordering “knotty boy” products online? you can find them at good luck.

if you do find a place in taipei that sells dread stuff please post the address here. thanks a lot!

I’ll make the offer: If you know what you want you can let me know. I can check with a couple of sources in the states and bring it in for you. It’d take about a week.

I’d like a Californian blond female…well endowed…and none too bright, please.

“Hair products for dreadlocks?”

Watsons has scissors!

i did a bit of research online. you can use tea tree shampoo from body shop, or there’s also a tea tree shampoo at gnc. gnc is located near the shuanglian mrt station, on the way to cave’s books

very funny enigma

Yes, I told my gf (aka Ima Newbie) that a good pair of clippers is all she needs. However, she’s determined to go with this style for a while. Her little students at the kindy have taken to calling her 蜘蛛頭 (spider head). Oh well, when I told Mr. He’s gf about Ima Newbie’s hairstyle, I think I planted a seed in her mind. She seemed quite interested and expressed a desire to try out the style as well. :laughing:

I’d like a Californian blond female…well endowed…and none too bright, please.[/quote]

Wow, wrong place, wrong time… But hey, man’s gotta have his wishes…

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of getting them by keeping them clean and frizz free? Sounds like what you wanted were braids…not dreads. I’d take up Enigma’s advice and get braids when they grow back long enough.