Hair salon that does keratin treatments?

I’ve recently learned about a (pricey) hair treatment that promises to make my hair smoother and silkier- almost like a professional blowout- without blowdrying. A few friends back in the states have gotten it, and are absolutely thrilled. I won’t be there for a while, so I thought I would try in Taiwan.

Has anyone heard of any salons in Taipei doing Keratin treatments? It’s sometimes called Brazilian Keratin, but it’s not to be confused with Japanese and/or thermal straightening. My hair is straight enough, it just succumbs frizz in the humidity and looks best if I use a hairdryer.

This is, admittedly, a silly and far-fetched question. I thank you if you have any ideas at all!

You’re referring to the “Brazilian Blowout” treatment. I have not heard of any salons in Taipei offering it yet…

If you find one let me know. I’ve been looking for this too, to no avail…

I looked up the keratin treatments because of your post. You should read some of the stories… Looks like lots of women are losing hair after this treatment:

greetings, for those of you still interested, dra’s hair lab has just started to offer keratin treatments. the brand that we use is keratin complex by coppola, containing 40% of keratin and formaldehyde free.

Bump. Recently I’ve come across a few girls who have had some variation of the Brazilian Blowout here in Taipei. One went to George Pais in Tianmu for 4,000; the other to Famous Hair in Shida for 2,000. Both look fab.

But, there are many different versions of this procedure, and as far as I know, only the Brazilian Blowout*tm brand claims 100% formaldehyde free. Any new info on this? This weather is killing my to-fa…

Hi. Please check the following link to get some ideas about Keratin Treatment that I do for my clients for many years. It is amazing!