HAITI is once again the LEAST GENEROUS Nation on Earth

While official audited reports are unavailable, as the country lacks any certified accountants, unofficial figures put Haiti’s total foreign aid for 2006 at just US$27.39 (mostly gifts of bananas and sugarcane to the foreign trade rep of its close ally, the Republic of China), placing Haiti at the top of the list of Least Generous Nations on Earth for the 7th straight year, since it took that spot from Ethiopia.

Cheapskates. Looooosers. :raspberry: :thumbsdown:

Well how can you compete with Jamaica’s cash crop? Duh!

Miserable bastards!


Aren’t there enough rich nations and people who can make up for this. Or does Haiti have this kind of money to give away?

Let them pay in chicken blood! They do seem to have more than enough of that!


They actually are very generous. Think of all the labor that they export for free!

That is so typical of Haitians. Honestly, they are the most selfish nation on earth.

As long as the bananas and sugarcane companies are American owned and don’t have to pay any local taxes in Haiti then there’s nothing to worry about.

I can’t believe that Haiti beat out the Principality of Sealand for this honor. WTF!

Just curious, but what precisely was the contribution that got them onto the U.S. “coalition of the willing” alongside such military powerhouses as Vanuatu and Palau? One banana and the undoing of the voodoo pins that had been holding back Karl Rove’s sex life?