Half of Taiwan's cram school teachers may lose their jobs | Taiwan News |

This guy doesn’t have APRC. And yes they seem need APRC for the covid subsidy. Which is astonishingly mean.

But the school may also have needed to be contributing labour insurance . I read above that some didn’t do this…Don’t ask me how !

Years ago I worked part time for a school , they didn’t pay my NHI or Lao bao because I was part time.

It is employment insurance that gives some benefits when an employer is laid off.

Eh?Is that not laobao?

labor insurance and employment insurance are different, and foreigners are not eligible to employment insurance unless their spouses are ROC citizens.

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I was under the impression that single APRC holders are required to be enrolled into pension and labor insurance as a mandatory rule by the company. Is this true?

Yes to the new pension system for the last few years. Explanation:

As for labor insurance, see other thread linked above.

As for employment insurance, you need to be married to a citizen (EIA Art. 5), but divorce or widowhood does not change your eligibility (Enforcement Rules of the EIA Art. 8-2).

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Wow. Still didn’t change that .

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I’d say a lot of companies are in violation of the pension plan requirements (especially in the buxiban industry) I haven’t heard of any that enroll APRC teachers in the scheme.

Thanks for the links

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You broke the encoded wording of the article!!!


No APRC, but been in Taiwan for more than 11 years?

Or did I read that wrong? Is that the columnist or the author of the article?

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It’s possible most of that was spent studying. Don’t student visas not count towards APRCs? Im pretty sure you need to be married or working to qualify


Also has to be in one stint of at least five years .


In the old days every time I left for a vacation for an extended time, my school would cancel my ARC and when I returned it started again. Not like now with the 6 months extension ARC

I know this situation is real for many, and it’s entirely likely that this is based on a real story, but that article reads incredibly similarly to most of Taiwan “News”'s opinion pieces. Salivate

As to 11 years and without an APRC, I was here a total of 16 years before I got one. Changing purpose of an ARC (student to work) starts the 5 year count again, and I hope @yyy won’t correct me on that. In my case, I left on vacation and got a new ARC multiple times because I would take extended trips out of the country either there were no easy ARC extensions or I didn’t know about them.


Just to clarify for others, time spent on student ARC does not count towards APRC.

I think it’s the same case if your work is fishing or house maid and a few others where those won’t count either.


The new law kinda changes this thing. The new law hasnt implemented yet but for master and phd studies in taiwan, it can count towards one and two years of aprc

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Yes finally! It’s idiotic to educate people here and then not try to retain them if they can contribute.



Taiwan even pays for then.to be educated. Vast majority come here and then leave immediately upon graduation.
It’s weird especially when you see how mean they are to foreign workers here.


I think there’s a soft power thing going on with the foreign students, but it is odd that hardly any of them stay after graduation. They don’t appear to even be encouraged to stay.

They are a breath of fresh air when it comes to teaching, though. Completely different from a totally Taiwanese class.