Half of Taiwan's cram school teachers may lose their jobs | Taiwan News |

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Smart. Most cram school teachers are hourly workers, so government does not have to pay anything. /s


hourly paid workers and part-time workers are not exactly the same, though

But aren’t they both excluded anyway?

full time ( 8 hr 5 days or like that) teachers with APRC should be included, even if they are paid hourly, iiuc.

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Unless the teachers get it from the government directly. …good luck !


So…30% of cram schools to go under.

  1. the remaining cram schools will get even more crowded
  2. Taiwan’s goal of dual-language (English as int’l language) will get thrown into the dustbin
  3. something in-between
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Hess, Joy, Global Village… ain’t going nowhere. The small ones will go under which many were anyway due to low birth rates.
If Hess went down I would eat my hat.


I think this article is mostly relevant to normal cram schools and not English language schools, but I’m sure there will be some effect.

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Oh ok got it. Yeah there will be for those ones.

That’s pretty depressing…


People can crack jokes, but put yourselves in the shoes of those owners and teachers affected. This pandemic is going to cause a lot of pain for small businesses (and schools) here just like it has in other countries.


didn’t have to

they didn’t prepare to go online immediately, that’s on them

the government could have chosen to let schools and cram schools (and restaurants etc) stay open, that’s on them

they share the responsibility pretty equally


I know enough sketchy buxibans, shitty business practices, and horror stories that I don’t feel too bad for them going under. I don’t wish anything bad on the individuals, especially the teachers, and I truly hope that everyone gets through okay. That said, f*** buxibans and the cram school industry.


throwing the baby out with the bathwater?
lots of good ones too


There’s no way lots of them are going to get through this okay, both schools and teachers.

By the way how are you cram school teachers that are down to little or no income surviving ?

Surely it’s time to bail ship. If you have a family here I feel your pain.

Puhleeeeeez. The goalposts on that are narrower than the ball, by design.


The head in the sand lack of preparation for online teaching was ridiculous. None of my cram school teacher friends say their schools had even considered the possibility.


my two friends were split, one went online immediately, the other is recording limited lessons after a few weeks break

the homework part of the first one’s school didn’t go online

the homework part of the second school is doing independent learning with the classes for free, no tuition… that owner also paid half salary through June 30 for the teachers without work

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Not suprising, given the horrendous IT systems and knowledge in Taiwan.

In China and India, they set up online teaching almost instantaneously, at least in the bigger cities.

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