Half the State of Oklahoma Ruled to be Native Land (Reservation/Territory)

The case concerned Jimcy McGirt, a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation who was convicted of sex crimes against a child by state authorities in the Nation’s historical boundaries. He said that only federal authorities were entitled to prosecute him.

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Good because it is.


I’ve driven through Oklahoma West to East aaaaand they can have it. :laughing:

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You’ll need to pay an extra tax crossing Indian land for that bad joke now :grin:.

To be neutral about this topic in general, tribal lands/reservations have their own laws and law enforcement officers. It’s best that anyone traveling through such lands follow laws/regulations to a “T”.

Lawyers must be approved to practice in tribal courts just like in state courts and federal courts. Most, if not all, lawyers will not go through the regulations of getting approved, because tribal laws are completely different than state laws.
A downside to this Supreme Court ruling (if any), is that criminal defense attorneys must either learn the local tribal laws, which vary from tribe to tribe, or just not represent any individual charged in a tribal court. Even sadder is that members of a tribe who get into trouble might not even be able to find a defense attorney to represent themselves.

Welp! Time to move Tulsa five miles down the road.


NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder’s mascot is the bison. To Indian people, the bison represent their spirit, reminding them of how they once lived free and in harmony with nature.
I think the team needs to attend some culture appropriation classes.

what the Indians have done with all the casino money?

you do realize casino money magically floats to the top of the power chamber

Are you Native American?





This is a great choice from a team in a tough spot when it comes to answering the question “how do we make our mascot our team name?” Thunder is a sound; a shapeless weather phenomenon. Sure, they could have chosen a bolt of lightning, but that would have been decidedly less cute, and also still not technically thunder. Instead, they chose a historically and ecologically important native animal, a symbol of the North American prairies, and a beast that, when stampeding, might make a sound not dissimilar from thunder. To top it off, “rumble” is a synonym for “thunder.” OKC really did their homework here.

Anyone think Taiwan might follow suit and give back some of the indigenous tribal land , God forbid my sister in law run it though as it would be non stop party land :rofl:

I’m not a conservative by any stretch, but I have to admit the conservative justices are much more faithful to the Constitution. The liberal ones vote based on ideology virtually 100% of the time.


Yes, and the political landscape that’s formed over the past half-century would be completely different today if liberal justices had simply been faithful (e.g., no roe thus very likely no movement conservatives).

From McGirt , the Supreme Court ruled in a 5–4 decision, with Gorsuch joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan, that Congress had failed to disestablish the former reservation lands, and thus for purposes of the Major Crimes Act, those lands should be treated as “Indian country”.

Yep, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayer, and Kagan- great conservatives.
Meanwhile those dirty liberal judges Roberts, Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch voted in dissent.


All responses are neutral to positive, except for the idiot oilman at the end.

You don’t make any sense.

The majority opinion is the liberal one.

Gorsuch crossed over.

A guy fights child rape charges for 25 years and not only gets a re-trial (or, at least, another hearing) but gets half of the state given away.

Social justice works in mysterious ways.

As long as it’s not close to sharia law …

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