Halloween party on the beach at Escape 41 this Sat 10/27

Consider coming to our Halloween party at what is probably the nicest venue anywhere in South Taiwan. Right on the beach inside Sun YatSen University (ZhongShan DaXue).
We will have DJs from 8 pm onwards. It will be free entry before 9:30 pm. After then it will be NT$200 with 2 beers or one mixed drink.

We will have a NT$1500 worth of food or drinks tab prize for the best costume. This is to be decided at mid-night.

We will have a number of drinks specials during the night like 3 Becks for NT$200 between 9:30 and 10:30. Of course our prices throughout the night on things that are not on special are somewhat more reasonable than at certain other bars and we have a wide menu that will be available until late. We are not afraid to show you our prices, our menu or our location!! You can check out our place and our menu on line at www.escape41.com Click on the link to specials for more info about the party. Also a map is available at our web site.

The only real catch is to come in you need to get inside the university grounds before midnight. We can get taxis to take people home at any time though.

We have put pics on our web site from last Sat night so have a look at some of the great costumes people turned up in. You can access them by going to our web site haskellco.org/escape41/photos.htm