Hamburger patties a la California Grill

Hey… I am back in Canada, and was trying to make a hamburger patty half as good as the ones found at California Grill on Yongkang Street. Umm… can the owner or anyone else who knows give me a couple tips? I’m not asking for the secret… but damn! Those burgers are the best I’ve ever tasted in my life. Seriously.

Yeah, I’d be interested with a good burger patty recipe, if anyone knows and would like to share. … s/Top.aspx

California burgers:

This one’s REALLY good! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: … ger-231510

Try these, too: … urger.html … 717810.htm

This came out really good the other day, i used fresh basil, looking forward to making again, some fries from mosburger and you’re set lol … etail.aspx

Thanks for the recipes!

Just remember, always cook your beef to at least 160 degrees F (not sure what that is on the commie scale) internal temperature, undercooked beef could potentially lead to this:

(OK, I admit, that one was mine, I named him Crouch after the British soccer player, but better out than in I always say…)

Thanks for the reminder, TwoTongues… BTW, that is disgusting!