Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) - Kaohsiung's New Mayor



Remember the old adage, any publicity is good publicity.
Heck, he’s getting Taiwanese AND foreigners to start chatting on the topic of Kaohsiung again. The city’s been off the radar of too many people for too long.
Now if he can make Kaohsiung a party city like Taichung was in the 90s, maybe throw in a casino referendum that has a better chance of passing in the city, and we got ourselves a good ballgame.


Kaohsiung is way too big and has way too much potential to be as sleepy and boring as it is.

A HUGE city right on the ocean with zero nightlife and no places to have fun.

It needs an injection of people with cash who are interested in having fun, rather than lackadaisical buxiban hustlers who drink outside convenience stores.

I am pulling for you KHH


First benefits of fruition, pun intended.

The agreement also calls for the supermarket chain to hold two food fairs promoting Taiwanese produce each year for the duration of the three year contract.

The first such trade fair to promote products from southern Taiwan such as grapes and cabbage among other fruits and vegetables will be held in March, according to the report.

I don’t know the answer, but in 20 years, did the DPP not try this form of promoting fruit from south Taiwan to S’pore and elsewhere? Obviously, KMT promoted fruit for sale in China.


Strongly disliked him at first but his recent comment that air pollution is Kaohsiung’s most pressing issue made me warm up to him a bit.


Really? Can you provide a source? I thought he said the city’s biggest problem is a stagnating economy and its associated problems (outflow of people, outflow of money, etc).


I’m sure he’s said a lot of stuff. Whatever’s popular at the time…


Please reconsider.

The inauguration cost a staggering NT$3 million (nearly US$100,000) and was so far over budget that his team had to dip into the city’s reserve fund, which is usually set aside to pay for the city’s response to natural disasters or other unpredictable crises.

His financial mismanagement of the city has already come under severe scrutiny. Han claimed during the election campaign that, under the previous Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration, Kaohsiung had built up debts of NT$3.1 billion (US$100.5 million). […] However, as with much of what Han says, these claims simply did not stand up to scrutiny. A recent report from Kaohsiung City Government showed debts of only NT$2.3 billion (US$74.6 million), of which just NT$1 billion had built up during the 12 years Chen Chu was Mayor. To add to this huge misrepresentation of Kaohsiung’s public finances, Han has somehow managed to add a massive NT$266 million (US$8.6 million) in debt to the city during his first month in office. That is more than a quarter of what Chen Chu managed in 12 years.

Under questioning, he admitted that during his four years in office, he expected to deliver just two of [of 12 key pedges]: road improvements and the ‘love industry’. He is yet to provide any information about how he will actually deliver either of these. After saying he would expect his deputy mayor to resign should the city fail to improve its roads, he flat out refused to say which deputy mayor that would be, which does not exactly inspire much confidence.

He believes the south of Taiwan needs a high-capacity airport to boost the local economy. And, as Mayor of Kaohsiung, where else would he want it to be built than… Pingtung. […] Perhaps one of the reasons he wants to move the airport out of Kaohsiung is his plan for the current airport site. No, not property development or swanky new government offices, but an F1 circuit!

There’s too much gold in that article, read it all.


Good job, fishy fishy.



They better keep the ticket prices well under NT$300.


Good luck with an F1 circuit.


exactly, now that ChiComms got one.
KHH should target NASCAR.
yah know, cuz NASCAR fans are rednecks and so are…


My second cousin, once an engineer for a Motorola contractor, is a huge racing fan. I told him 在美國只有沒有教育的人才看賽車。
He said what he watches is European F1 not NASCAR. I didn’t kNow the difference.


the difference: you can buy a showroom model of a NASCAR to take home and drive street legal.
The good days of NASCAR were Monte Carlo SS, Ford Thunderbird, Buick Regal V6 turbochargers, etc.


Yet he is hailed as the next president and is almost mauled by a crowd of 30 thousand fanatics in Sanchong who want to touch him, dare not shake his hand…


Eh there are many fairs of this sort. As a matter of fact, not only is the fruit sector the fastest growing one, due to these events, but also South East Asia, even Filipinas of all places, show biggest growth.

So they are ridding the coattails. Korean Fish Wil gather praise for someone else’s work.


the App generation, young and old, latching onto the latest fad or cool thing.

well…remember, Obama made president as a freshman Senator. So, strange things occur in politics.
Imho, he’s better off making his stand in KHH.


It is not his freshness I disagree with, but his oily Ness.


Are Korean fish really that oily?


What he is advocating is very dangerous for Taiwan. Because he is suggesting/inviting unchecked Chinese capitol whether towards real estates here or Taiwanese businesses. For the short term, maybe it might help the economy. However, if one let uncontrollable amount of Chinese capitol pour into here, that would mean a prelude to the PRC to take over of this place.