Han Kuo-yu proposes tax for foreigners visiting Kaohsiung

… if you have an Asian face. I tried. I showed my ARC, but they still charged me the non-resident price.

If you have your huji in Taipei city you should get the discounted price
Not only Taipei city does this…I don’t really agree with these schemes though as these cities are funded by our taxes already and loads of people live in one place and work in another.

I have a bear face and it worked for me :laughing:

YAWN! This is just another indication of the TW powers to be having NO Clue on marketing. If you want to generate revenue you first must provide a product people are willing to pay for and then market the hell out of it - WHY should I even go to Kaohsiung (maybe to watch the streets exploding)??? This follows the same misguided strategy of the Amazon tax to protect the local market… if the local market can’t compete - CHANGE IT to be more competitive thereby attracting buyers - don’t just tax it…protectionism never works in the long run!

Maybe they should take a look at Hainan Island, China (Now known as the Hawaii of Asia) for some enlightenment…


Have you been to this shithole ?

Not that I ever been to Hawaii, but I have a feeling these two places are not comparable.

I don’t think there is any such thing as an amazon tax, what is this ? You sure you are not confusing it with VAT, which all businesses in TW need to collect and you need to pay on imports?

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Are you speaking of Kaohsiung or Taiwan or Hainan - Yes, Have you?

Sorry,but I cannot follow your line of thought.

The link you posted is no amazon tax, it concerns customs duties and VAT which applies to all overseas purchases.

This is nothing out of the ordinary, only very few jurisdictions in the world have no import duties or VAT(top of my head, I can only think of HK and Singapore).

So, I’m very curious morran01- you’ve never been to Hawaii, have you ever been to Hainan??

Yes, I rode bike from haikou to Sanya.

With good marketing, any cow or elephant manure place can attract tourists like flies. As we say in Spanish, grow famous, then go to sleep in peace.

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The Maokong Gondola was already mentioned though you can go around the tax with a yoyo card, oddly enough. However, if you’re not a Taiwanese citizen, you pay over 100% more for entrance into the National Palace Museum. When I asked why, I was told it was something related to locals’ taxes and…rules and stuff.

Of course, the alternative to the gondola are taxi drivers at the top of the hill who won’t turn on their meters and the alternative to NPM doesn’t exist in Taiwan. Tour groups deciding if they want to stay in KHH or drive a bit in either direction to pocket a few extra dollars are going to have an easy decision.

Buy a coupla vases, a leak and a scroll. Stick’em on ya mantlepiece.


What appears stupid, is actually unknowingly brilliant. Attract tourists with subsidies (free money) for things like tranportation costs, hotels, discounts, refunds, etc. and then tax it back from them.

…Except residents also pay tax. Anyway I know the museum one , fairly bullshutty rule.
They didn’t this kind of stuff until a few years ago when foreign tourist numbers started going up.

I haven’t visited since they told me this, outside of special exhibitions in the side halls.

I haven’t been there in years but mainly because of Chinese tourists…Some foreign gners have written letters.to them about residents being different but they don’t care. Anybody on a working ARC is paying tax of course.

Now tourists have to illegally work in Kaohsiung in order to afford paying the new tax…feelsbadman.


That story is just too funny. Brothel supposed to be a secret but everybody knows about it.

That reads like a paid ad by the brothel.