Handheld luggage scale

Anyone know where to buy one at a reasonable cost?


Just buy a super cheap normal scale.

weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding your hand luggage.

  • your weight. Voilà !

Those should be available at some of those multi-item stores.

Several models at the travel/hiking sports on Zhongshan/Zhongxiao, a stone throw from Taipei Main Station.

However, yes, they are not cheap. The electronic more so, though I found the mechanical fairly accurate -do allow some leeway, though.

[quote=“Jaffa cake”]Just buy a super cheap normal scale.
weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding your hand luggage.

  • your weight. Voilà ![/quote]

This is accurate enough for airline check-in (checked luggage or handluggage). They’re usually more concerned about the size than the weight anyway. I walked onto a plane once with about 20kg of books in my handluggage.

You’d be mad to buy anything other than cheap bathroom scales.

Dunno, but when you are traveling, sometimes it is harder to find a bathroom scale! It is no problem using one on your way to a place, but from a hotel/hostel/etc. on teh road, a hand held can be very convenient. True, you could scavenger for a bathroom scale, but let’s say it is late at night and you are trying to fit eveything in by sitting on top of the luggage… And whiel size matters, too, hand held could be inspected/weighted or worse: taken away to be sent with the rest of the luggage since all bins are full.

I hope you find one. We bought one in the US years ago and it has been a life-saver for us on many occasions! I couldn’t travel without it.

Well yeah … the trick is to make sure your bag looks undersized, even if it’s packed with dense stuff :slight_smile: I’ve had my hand luggage weighted precisely once (out of maybe 50 flights), and that was only because some unpleasant woman on the check-in decided to wind me up for her own amusement. I have had my luggage searched on numerous occasions (including the book-smuggling one), and nobody cares about how much it weighs - they’re only interested in finding explosive culinary items or deadly nailclippers :unamused:

If it’s that important: bungee cord and a ruler. NT$50 from the everything shop. Calibrate it with some known weights. It’ll be non-linear cos it’s rubber, but good enough - you only need to know whether it’s over or under 7kg.

Just take a piece of wood, position it atop a triangular wooden block (centered) from your kid’s toy box, put the luggage on one end, and put seven one-kilo bags of flour on the other.