Handicrafts/Souvenirs in Kaohsiung

Does anyone know where I can find reasonable priced Chinese or Aborginal handicrafts in Kaohsiung? I’ve already tryed going to Liuhe and Nanhua nightmarkets but couldn’t find anything. Are there any shops in Kaohsiung similar to Taipei’s Chinese Handicraft Mart?

If you’re looking for things such as Chinese tea sets, picture frames, wooden/cast statues, or other Chinese nicnaks…you can also find a sidewalk auction. I don’t know of any specific ones, but on any given night you’ll see one on the sidewalk in any random neighborhood. They are very entertaining and cheap. If you’re Chinese ability isn’t the best…especially your numbers…bring along a local to help you get the best deals.

Happy Shopping!

In the basement of the 85 floor building there are some Aboriginal necklaces, belts, and more for sale.

There is also an Aboriginal store on Shirchuan rd just across from a large jade market.