Handmade eco friendly wallets, need your support

My wife created her brand in 2016, mainly selling on Pinkoi.

I would really appreciate if you could simply Follow this page http://tiny.cc/3frqfz (like not needed, but more follows can give more options in the future).

Thanks a lot.

They look nice!
Unfortunately, it’s just not what I’ve being looking for.
Good luck on your business venture!

Thanks for her!
Just if you can follow the page, it would be great and helpful :wink:

They’re not my style. But they look nice. I liked it for support.

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Interesting. Did she come up with the patterns herself? Or did she find a template to work with? Maybe try some ballistic nylon cloth for a sportier look or waterproof fabric for a beach / poolside wallet?

Has she tried or considered crowdfunding?

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Most are plain colors but indeed the one on the top of the page is with patterns, it was bought this way. She made water proof ones too in the past. Thanks for the advice :wink:

I actually really like this one. It looks well made. Does she do personal embroidery?

Yea, I can imagine that one with some tan leather where the brown fabric is.

But that probably wouldn’t be eco friendly.

haha, right. I overlooked that part of the title.

In that case, maybe some stuff like recycled plastic parts for the ID window.

From what I understand she doesn’t, need another kind of machine for that, she manually cut the fabric and use a standard sewing machine. Thanks, one of my favorite as well, also due to the photo well taken (not easy to take good photos for she’s good for that too!).

Where does she get the fabric that’s eco friendly? What is it made from?

There is a nice market in the center of Tainan, all bought there, it’s only cotton (not artificial leather).
By the way this is the Pinkoi page C F H 2016 | Pinkoi | Designer Brands