Hanging out with a local in Yilan

Howdy, fellas. This is Alvis, a local who is currently vegetating in this sweet, relaxing, rural, quiet, and peaceful County–Yilan. While trying to land a translation-related job in Taiwan/Japan/Singapore (depending on how it goes), I’ll be sticking around due to the up-coming Zhong Yuan Festival, and would like to hang out with foreigners who are already in Yilan or are thinking about coming to my beautiful county. As a local, I might be of some help as far as the local cuisine and the tourist spots are concerned :P. I have a scooter and am happy to offer you a ride. Vegetating is good but it becomes very boring after a certain period of time…Anyway, you’d like to hang out, let’s meet up! PM me if you’re game.

You mean you want to hang out with tourists/hikers/foreigners/humans? or you mean that you offer professional guide services in Yilan at some price?

Jesus80 Sorry, I should’ve made it clearer. I mean I’d like to hang out with foreigners in Yilan. I don’t claim to know every part of Yilan but there are a few spots here that my American friend really likes.

OK, that’s cool. It’s just that I wasn’t sure about what was offered in this post :stuck_out_tongue: