Hanyu Da Cidian - any reactions from users?

Has anyone seen the subject dictionary yet? (It’s 12 volumes, plus an index of 字 zi4, which I hear is in pinyin in the PRC; the Taiwan edition index is in bopomofo). In case anyone is using it, FYI, Victor Mair has just put out a pinyin 詞 ci2 index as well. Does anyone have any reactions to using the mainland original, or to Mair’s index? BTW, a Taiwanese edition (13 vols) is available from 東華書局 Dong1Hua2 bookstore, 重慶南路一段77號. They’ll give you 20% off if you tell them you’re an English teacher.

Ooh, the thought of adding it to my collection gives me goosebumps. :rainbow: Does that make me a supernerd, or what? :laughing: My mom explains this personality defect by saying that when I was an infant, I once fell off the bassinet and landed on my head. :mrgreen: