Hao Ji Dan Zai Mian, Historic Taiwanese Restaurant

If you ever want to show anyone what Taiwanese food is, I highly recommend Hao Ji Dan Zai Mian. It is on YongJi Rd, just north of Changchuan Rd. The food is mostly very light and fresh and great for the summer. You won’t find any BaWan, Ou A Jen, chicken butts on a stick, or stinky doufu here. This is a Dan Dan mian place, a famous style of restaurant which originates in Tainan, the old heart of Taiwan.

They have some excellent dishes and I have tried so many of them over the years and they are all great! One of those few places where you are impressed by each and every dish. The place also has a very electric atmosphere, exciting place to go when it is crowded which is every night as far as I know. They started out as one small shop and they are slowing taking over the block.

The boss who usually works the cash register is a really great guy (a little shy, but he knows how to run a business) and they even have a FREE parking lot across the street which is usually packed out as well, but they seem to always squeeze you in.

I love their salmon and the special HaoJi doufu as well as wow…everything. Great mi fen soup and so on. Only thing I thought was so so was their sashimi, but that is out of what must be 20 different dishes. EVERYTHING else rocks and they are cheap! Excellent place to show someone REAL Taiwanese food. Someone visits you in Taiwan, you should show them Taiwanese food no?

If someone has the exact address and remembers which Chinese characters are used for the name of the restaurant please post.

Thanks for posting this information, Hobart. Just to clarify, do you mean that dan dan mian originated in Tainan, or this type of restaurant serving dan dan mian originated in Tainan?

I am not trying to be picky over wording, so please don’t take offense. It’s just that I always thought that dan dan mian came from Sichuan.

Perhaps this style of noodles came from Sichuan to Tainan and then aquired a uniquely Taiwanese flavor and this noodle dish is now served in Taipei at this restaurant?

Not trying to cause any problems–just wondering. And if you have the exact address for this place, please do post it.

I think that we both share a passion for great the great food found in Taipei and in Taiwan. Thanks for all of your information.

Hi Fee:

The Sichuan style restaurant and food (and noodles) is a totally different style from the one that originated in Tainan. This Tainan style is definitely originally from Tainan and not of any influence of Sichuan. Perhaps I should have called it HaoJi Danzai mian which is more appropriate. Again to be more specific, it is Danzai mian, not Dandan mian.

Thanks for your post. By the way, I think this restaurant is in Japanese and Cantonese travel guides as there seems to be a lot of Japanese and Hong Kong tourists frequently there. They also have the obligatory wall of famous people that have eaten at their restaurant.

I wouldn’t call this place expensive. I pig out with my wife and order anywhere from 3 to 6 dishes and couple of bowls of mifen soup and the price ranges between NT$500 and NT$850.

The address is
Jilin No. 79

Cheers Hobart. We’re looking at going tonight. Do you need to reserve or is just turning up with a large party possible?

I don’t think they take reservations, but they always seem to have the space. If you have to wait, consider yourself lucky, you have come at the right time when this place is really hopping and that is part of the appeal of this place.

I have to tell you that this is nothing more than a slightly upscale lu bian tang, but that is what makes it interesting. At least the boss did a little decorating to make what I think is the right ambiance for this type of restaurant. Again this ain’t no fancy schmancy place to impress your mother-in-law, but then again, it isn’t a dirty low class run of the mill street restaurant either. Above all, this place is about the food, and again I wouldn’t recommend it to you if it was a dump, so don’t be worried.

I like the main area, the original location where all of the food is for you to choose from. Looking at the food on your right is an area that is smaller and open onto the street, not so bad, then on your left you will see a slightly modern decor and then they have yet another area for really large banquet parties. If you can’t sit in the main area, go back again some time for the experience of this area. Each area has its own feel, but I prefer the original area.

Hobart, went last night and we had a great time (all 15 of us). A very original place with excellent food. Thanks for the recommendation!

Just went there this evening. I must say this is one part of town I seldom set foot in (too many barber shops, too little hair), but now that I’ve gone, I will definitely go back. This is Taiwanese food at its best. In addition to the delicious HaoJi tofu, I recommend the scallions and sausages. Also, it’s best to go with a group so you can sample a variety of dishes. Thanks, Hobart. I suggest that you correct the title to Hao Ji Dan Zai Mian just to set the record straight. Great place!

Hobart, thanks for the memories. I went there first time around 4 years ago … just found it by accident as walking drunkenly home from a night in the combat zone … and it was around 2 am and the place was still humming. Went back many times. Is that sweet little old grandma still ladling out the soup dishes in the other side with tables on the street?

Yes, by far, the moist interesting dining place in Taipei. Now that the secret’s out, should be packed with big noses every weekend!

Mark and Incubus:

So glad you liked the place. I wasn’t sure if anyone else would appreciate it.

Formosa: The place has changed a lot in the past few years, it is getting pretty popular. You might want to check it out again.

I’ve been wondering how to find a restaurant some friends took me to last year, and started a thread to ask; Mark thinks it is Hao Ji Dan Zai Mian.

Does this map look like the right place? (Has the phone number on the side, too.) I don’t remember a parking lot, but the food was great. (Warning, large image, just over 100K; note also that it is sideways.)


Mark is right. :slight_smile:

Mark is right. :slight_smile:[/quote]
Ah, good. :mrgreen: Thanks, Mark! Thanks, Maoman!

For those who don’t want to load the image (a map), but who want to call the place, its phone is (02)2531-3423.

The parking lot is approximately where the lin is in Jilin Lu. Need to get your ticket validated when you pay for your meal.

I finally went there last night with group of 5 ppl and I had a great time. The food taste great and the service was pretty good. We order total of 7 dishes and it still wasn’t enough since all their food came in mid-size portion. :unamused: I guess we are just really hungry! But I sure had a chance to try all the dishes. I would recommend it to everybody. One thing though, it is a little pricey if you are comparing it to other restaurants.

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Does anyone know where you can get this kind of food in Tainan itself? Thanks.