Happy Bikini Day!

Honestly the bikini bottoms that show an inch of butt are so much more sexy than the ones that basically show the entire butt to me

Just showing an inch is like an invite to me
When it’s all there it’s not

Go back a century or so and a glimpse of stocking would have sufficed.

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Reminds me of this

i dont think asian (including taiwanese) girls are too shy to wear a bikini nowadays.

yeah what happened to these girls? they all got too old and retired? No young ones want the job? No south east asian girls to import for the business?

Most of them were there just to selll not only beetle nuts but drinks and other stuff. no sex involved other than looking SEXY. I always preferred going to one to buy a soft drink , better than the girls at Seven

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I played this song for my nephew. Guess which part he kept rewinding the video to?


(NSFW ) just for you poor bikini starved masses

Posting bikini shots got me banned for two weeks in my early days

Just goes to show Tommy is still a bad boy at heart

Watch at your own degeneracy

(It’s not that bad )

It’s ok to shuffle this to temp

I’m still mostly bark little bite though
Eventually will have to put in my teeth to bite

Going to be reporting back soon if any bikinis sighted. Stay tuned.

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Pics or it’s just a yeti sighting

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Hmmm pics might be a bit much to ask for right now. I’m currently at half a bikini count for the day.

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Are you trying to destroy this man’s marriage and/or career? :upside_down_face:


Think it will take more than a few bikini pics to do that to be fair.

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Sounds like you have some solid arrangements! :beers:





It’s almost like you are reading my mind Mr PBH.

Well, bikinis were sighted aplenty today in Taidong and it’s only Tuesday! The tanned surfer babes were out in solid numbers.

Tommy…calm down there already :sweat_smile:


I presume you have a smartphone, @Brianjones .
Pics of biks would be nice.
Or was wife too close, lol

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Ha didn’t want you to come across as some weirdo you can just snap a few pics from far away of the beach scene

Just to show that bikini girls exist onTaiwan beaches

Oh and what’s half a bikini ? You only saw half a bikini ? That’s a good thing right ? Which half was missing ?

Or he can choose to not be a creep. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

From far away ain’t creepy since nobody believes bikini girls exist in Taiwan like they do everywhere

I’m sure they are there as tw girls are not overly shy

More importantly I’m liking the new shoes I got
The right size this time