Happy Bikini Day!

Partly due to material rationing after World War II, French engineer Louis Réard introduced the modern bikini on July 5th, 1946.


Of course…


Go ahead, remind us of things we don’t see in Taiwan: girls in bikinis on sunny beaches. Homesick?


I shall wear one all day as a show of respect.



Oohwee, Mr. Dickus. You look mighty pretty something in that bikini.



Someone needs to spend more time at Cijin and Kenting Baishawan.


Someone should also do some research on Bikini Atoll, what happened there after 1945, and why some random French dude grabbed the name of Bikinians to launch his sensational swim suit. Then you’d be onto something real.


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There’s bikinis but not that common, a lot of women dress conservatively here.

Gotta know when and where to go. It’s not that hard.

Where’s @MalcolmReynolds with his surfer chick shots?

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Yes the clothes don’t help for sure.
Are you trying to tell me how the beaches are here lol I’ve been going to the beaches here since …uhmmm… this century.

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They don’t make binglang girls the way they used to. Those were the days. Bikinis all over the roads.


1950s style bikinis with frilly bits. :rofl: No wonder the birth rate is so low.

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Including the places I mentioned? Cowboys? Cijin when they literally have bikini nights? Wai’ao anytime Drifter’s has a big party going on? And you haven’t seen women in bikinis? How is this possible?

I’ve seen women in bikinis they just ain’t that common here on the beaches as some other spots.

Dude, we’re not talking about special occasions and certain places. In most of the West when summer comes round, girls in bikinis are everywhere. Back home many if not most of us live within easy distance to a lake or ocean beach. We don’t need to travel literally all the way to the other end of the island to see a few girls at a beach. China has it worse, they have to fly all the way to Hainan.

One piece swimsuits for women are very common in Taiwan but all ages. Suprised me when I first started going to beaches.

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You need to come and visit me.

Sounds like a plan :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Sounds like a personal problem. I’ll keep enjoying the women in bikinis on the beach while you keep whining on the internet about how they don’t exist.

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