Happy Birthday to Durins Bane!


One year older and none the wiser. :smiley:

Happy birthday DB, just remember your diet. I can think of one person who will be down in Gaoxiong with a digital camera in the future. :smiling_imp: :slight_smile: :wink:

Best regards,

Happy Birthday DB, have one of these on me (virtually that is) :laughing:

Thanks boys,

Big 40.

Okami…bring it on. The diet is going fine and pretty soon I am going to have the physique that matches my sparkling personality and charming smile.

Thanks Bassman for the drink. Actually had 5 of those bad boys. It is so cold down here that I also spent a lot of time “collecting firewood”.

Now, could one of tell me what this little blue pill does? A friend gave me one and said it helps people who are as advanced in age as I am. :s

Happy Birthday DB.


u know who!

[quote=“The Gumper”]Happy Birthday DB.


u know who![/quote]



Happy Birthday. I’m glad to hear you hit 40 first. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, DB
(whew, I thought I was too late to post this)