Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. Did you get gifts? Did you get spoiled? Tell us how you spent your Fathers Day.

No new car. No new guitar. No new saxophone. No fancy third-rate meal in an overpriced restaurant that I could cook far better myself.
This morning my beautiful, beautiful girl and my beautiful, beautiful son told me that I’m a good daddy. That’s more than enough for me.

Father’s Day for me is the 3rd Sunday in June. We had a great day, thanks!

My nine-year-old girl gave me NT$100 and a hand-made card. Top That! :sunglasses:

I believe I can top that.
My daughter was born on 8/8/2000. Most people think of it as a great gift for fathers day but I usually end up taking a back seat to her party and spend the day picking up friends and birthday cakes and all the rest that goes along with throwing a party for half a dozen young girls. About two weeks ago she started on her plans for this year, I explained it fell on a Monday, that she would be busy in a hockey camp for the day and that besides I was kind of tired spending all of father days organizing her birthday parties and that maybe this year we could take a rest. She suggested delaying it to the weekend and that was kind of where we left it. On the morning of her birthday she came in gave me a big hug and a hand made card, when I said happy birthday she covered my mouth and said today wasn’t her birthday, that today is fathers day and every time mention was made of her birthday she denied it was saying it is fathers day!
But thebirthday party is tomorrow and I am organizing x 8, 11 year old girls in how to make a birthday cake…

So how does that top mine!!! :loco:

I don’t have to teach no kids nuthin’, and I got a hunnert bucks! :discodance:

My daughter was born on Chinese Lover’s Day (7/7 on the Lunar Calendar) which was only a day or two before Father’s Day so of course her birthday was more of a big deal than Father’s Day. We all had a great day though. She gave me a card and a hug. Then I gave her a card and a hug. She gave me a little gift and I gave her a little gift. Then we all went to Fisherman’s Wharf in Tamshui. It was a beautiful, nice breezy day and the only problem was the traditional snacks on the old street. I’m not really a fan. Everything else was just fantastic!

Happy Father’s Day 2020! Today is the 8th day in the 8th month of the solar calendar. Do we get to celebrate again next month for the lunar one? Or is that snowballed (mooncaked?) by Mid-autumn festival

(Just noticed this is the 8th post out of 8 :slight_smile:)


Happy fathers day, fellow dads!

It is my daughters first year at the kindergarten.
She handed me a handcrafted gift when I got home from work. It made me very happy and proud.

My son gave me a bottle of Scotch- he works at a resort, so he got a free sample, the cheap bastard. It said in big letters “Product of Europe” and in very small letters “Made in Bulgaria”.
Bulgarian whisky- Happy Father’s Day! (it’s actually not bad if you drink a lot of it).

Tomorrow :slight_smile: