Happy Planet

Well the news is offically out, all of us in Taiwan live in the 84th happiest country in the world. Out of 178 I guess thats not so bad.

It nice to know I came from a country that is unhappier, but hell I could have told them that.

So the Uk is 108th (un)happiest
Canada 111th
and the USA 150th

And for those of you I’ve missed or those that are just plane interested have a look at


Be happy :laughing:

[edit corrected the mistake that canadians are 11th happiest. They are as miserable as everyone else. Probably why they’re here as well :sunglasses: ]

So, once again, Taiwan is a planet. Hmm…

With statistics…please be careful…what is the meaning to be number 100 out of 180? What score does Taiwan get in comparision to e.g. Chile? How about Taiwan is number 70 and Chile is number 90, does that mean the Chileaneans are unhappier than the Taiwanese? No…or…if Taiwan has a score of 500 and Chile has a score of 475…then this would mean the difference is not significant. Or how about No. 1? If the number 1 country has a score of say 800, then the difference is also not that big.

And to be happy…also not so easy to put that into numbers…

What a pile of shite!!! Thanks for wasting my time.

[quote]Ecological Footprint

The HPI reflects the average years of happy life produced by a given society, nation or group of nations, per unit of planetary resources consumed. Put another way, it represents the efficiency with which countries convert the earth’s finite resources into well-being experienced by their citizens[/quote]

Great, so I’m much happier riding my Duke 125 than if I were driving a Toyota Landcruiser - yeah, right!

I’m a bit confused about what this website is trying to measure. It says this about its measurement:

So a long unhappy life is equivalent to a short happy life. A short ecologically friendly life is equivalent to a long lived eco-disaster. What’s the message? “It’s ok to rape the planet as long as you live long and prosper”? Seems a bit weird to me …

Perhaps I should create my own ‘happiness index’ defined as “annual rainfall x Population density / birthrate” from which we can deduce that Taiwan is one of the happiest places on earth :loco:

Woohoo! I’m happier than all you miserable Yanks! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
And as for those damned always-bloody-cheery Canucks, what the fuck are they all on? Jeez!

So it’s all bollocks then in other words… :bravo:

I only wish i was born and raised in Nicaragua. I would have lead a much happier life and would not have affected the environment much at all! haha

Not my street when I was growing up, that’s fer sure.

All I needed to see to not go further down the list was Columbia in second place…

In almost any list of most dangerous countries to live in, Columbia shows up at the very top. What are the people supposed to be so happy about there?