Happy Summer Solstice!


June 21st, the longest day of the year.
A mid-summers dawn patrol.
No wonder I’m all skirmish, we’re losing our laight…

Best be off, long way to go, aind a short time to get there.

Far, out in Central East Asia, in the sweltering mid-summer of 2007, relief arrives incrementally in that the daze are getting shorter from here on in.
:braveheart: :lick: :grandpa:

Here in New Zealand it’s Matariki http://www.insanitywetrust.com/news.htm
and it’s bloody cold.

Happy solstice.

June 22nd Taiwan time. :grandpa:

Happy freakin’ solstice.

I was talking with someone in Scandanavia yesterday and he told me Summer Solstice is the 2d biggest holiday of the year for them and many people – not just students, but business people – start their summer vacation then, which lasts all the way through July and perhaps into early August. Lucky bastards.

Today is Summer Solstice in Taiwan, we have “Lights Out Day” events in different cities in Taiwan. :slight_smile:

The purpose of this event is to tell people the importance of energy saving.
Several places will be out of lights during 7:30 to 9:00 tonight and some concerts and outdoor acitivities will be available during the time. Everyone can turn off lights and go out to enjoy the summer night.

The map, acitivities and events of The Lights Out Day is available here:The Lights Out Day