Hard Rock Cafe?

I went into a place called Hard Rock Cafe in Manila. Just like Carnegies !
Was Carnegies previously one of these?
They even tried to charge an entry fee at 9pm. Needless to say the place emptied.

No. That it emptied is their fault. A bit of due diligence on their part and they should have opened up where there is a higher average income. The opposite happens here.

This is a worthless thread.


Not really worthless, understand they are trying to make a comeback to Taiwan.

In that case, couldn’t the poster make a sensible comment about the Hard Rock Cafe (or lack thereof) in Taiwan instead of some daft comment about a bar in Manila and us being a Hard Rock Cafe at some point. The poster knows better and the post was more an objection to cover charges which didn’t make sense either because if one were in before 9 pm why would a bar empty out when a cover was levied on others? A case of “Oh my God, other people are paying cover charges, I’m leaving” ?? Unlikely.


OOps !